Use Feng Shui to Clear Your Clutter

Feng Shui Clutter Clearing TIPS

Symbols / June 13, 2021

The feng shui effect of clutter on your health, your energy levels and the overall quality of your life is obvious - clutter drains your energy and dampens your very best intentions.

Even though we all agree about the feng shui effects of clutter, starting to clear your clutter is never easy. One look at the stuffed bedroom closets or the piled up bookcases in your home office is enough to make you urgently find something very important to do.

The way to make it work is to keep in mind these 2 important feng shui guidelines:

1. Bring higher feng shui energy to support you in your clutter clearing efforts. For example, having great music, fresh air, a sense of beauty in your space will start diminishing the low effects of clutter, as in the world of energy everything is in constant motion. Be aware how much easier it is to deal with the low energy of your clutter when you are surrounded by higher energy.

2. Plan to "underachieve" instead of "overachieve." Start small and time your efforts. For example, give yourself 25 min for a specific area, and when the time is up, just leave it. You've done great. Now plan for the next session and make it a bit longer (35-60 min.)

By mentally changing your approach and having realistic goals you can actually start living clutter free quite soon.

A very helpful tool in clearing clutter is using the ancient principle of space clearing. There are many ways to do space clearing, and from my experience, ancient cultures around the world have various forms of clearing the stagnant energy.