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Feng Shui Bedroom Wealth

Symbols / June 23, 2022

Carol Olmstead: I am Carol Olmstead and I am showing you, how to use Feng Shui, to attract wealth. Now I am in the bedroom and the tip for the bedroom is to get a good night's sleep. May seem obvious, but in Feng Shui, when you don't sleep well, you are not on your toes the next morning and ready to react to anything that comes your way. There are three things in this bedroom keeping you from sleeping.

The first is there is too many work related things, too many stacks of books, too many things that relate to work. Remove those from your night tables, keep only one book, one novel that you are reading and you will sleep better.

The second thing is avoid storing things under your bed. They contribute to sleeplessness. Here we have an ironing board that certainly relates to work not to sleep. We are going to have to find another place for that and the third thing here is this mirrored closet. When you sleep with a mirror at the foot of your bed, you can't sleep. You reflect your image all night long. I recommend replacing these doors with wooden doors. If you can't do that we can simply hang some drapes, we can pull them back during the day. You can get your clothes and then we close them at night, and those are tips for the bedroom.

Source: monkeysee.com