10 Worst Feng Shui Bed Headboards

Feng Shui bed Headboards

Feng Shui For Beds / August 5, 2018

padded-headboardYou’ll reap greater Chi energy benefits with a good headboard, too.

But for best Feng Shui results, you can’t use just any headboard.

A headboard with good Feng Shui has a few essential characteristics:

It’s made of solid wood, or it’s padded.

  • Wood has a natural warmth and “give” to it, while padded headboards are super-comfortable and inviting to the touch, adding some sexy sensuality to your bedroom.

It’s solid.

  • A solid headboard gives you a sheltered place where positive Chi can cradle and nourish you all through the night. Bars, slats and openwork are no-no’s because they allow Chi energy to flow right over you and quickly through the open headboard.

It’s attached to the bed.

  • An attached headboard makes you feel secure when you lean up against it.

It’s in proportion with the rest of the bed.

  • Headboards that are either too high or too low feel unnatural and will not cradle you as you sleep.

It has a soft silhouette.

Source: openspacesfengshui.com