How Do I Define the Bagua for My Garden?

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House / July 27, 2019

Question:My house has two levels, is the feng shui bagua of each floor the same or is it different? How do I define the bagua of a two level house?

Answer: To define the feng shui bagua, or the energy map of a house with several levels, you have to work with the floor plan of each level separately. This does not necessarily mean that there will be a big difference between the location of various bagua areas on each floor.

However, it is always best to work with each level separately because this allows for a more accurate feng shui work. Of course, it also goes without saying that you will be working with the same bagua style on both levels. Meaning, if you work with the classical feng shui bagua, you will apply it on both levels, and if you work with the Western, or BTB bagua, you will do the same.

Now let's go back to your question. More often than not, each level of your house will have a different flow of energy as defined by its specific floor plan. The best way to start is to define the bagua of the main level as this is the bagua that holds most power, or energetic importance in a home.

Next, proceed to defining the bagua of the second level.

The feng shui energy flow in the whole house is greatly influenced by the energy of the main floor, so it is always wise to first do your best with the bagua of the main floor.

However, the center with the most power, again, is the center of the main floor.

I know that finding the center of some floor plans can be quite difficult, so I made a video that shows how to find the center of any floor plan, no matter how challenging.

If you are working with the BTB bagua, there will be a bigger variance between the bagua of the first floor and the bagua of the second floor. Why? Because in the BTB school, the bagua is determined by the location of the main door, which means that once you are working with the bagua of the second level, your main door location (which is the entry point to the second level) is almost always in a different location than the front door of the house (which determines the bagua of the first floor).

If you are working with the classical bagua, you are taking into consideration the compass directions, and because they are the same no matter which floor you are working on, your two classical baguas will be quite similar.

So, to define the classical bagua of the second floor, you are working with the same direction of the front door (you can even superimpose the second floor bagua over the first floor bagua according to the house layout; just to make it easier for yourself.)

Note that you will only use this shortcut if the two level floor plans are fairly identical.

And, if you are reading this article and find yourself confused about the two feng shui baguas, I have help for you, too!