Chinese Feng Shui Painting, Chinese Cherry Blossom Painting

Chinese Feng Shui Painting

Symbols / November 1, 2022

Feng Shui decorations are those items used to fend off disasters and evil things; entice health, wealth, intelligence, love, peace and good luck, etc. Below are some customary ones:

Dos: Soft landscape paintings featuring sunrise, blossoming peony flowers and sunflowers, shining lakes and green hills; they are especially fitting for those born in autumn. If it is a painting on river or stream, the water should in-“flow” to the house, as water represents wealth according to Feng Shui principles and rules and one should not let wealth out-“flow”. Portraits also fall into this category.
Don’ts: Waterfalls, sunset, and fallen leaves. Also stop after hanging one portrait in the room/ hall; those born in the year of dragon, horse, rooster and pig clash with portraits depicting real persons.
Find and identify your Chinese Zodiac.

Couplets: The couplets written with auspicious sentences or words are usually hung in the living room or over the front gate.

Feng Shui Sword: Used ward off evil spirits, it should be hung at door or in living room. Its brunt edge should point outwards.

Eight Diagrams Mirror: Mirror is one of the most common items to ward off evil spirits and is frequently seen under the eaves or on the walls in China. The mirror should be sanctified and hung at 12:00 sharp - at noon. Also, it should not bounce light source on others’ dwellings.

Fish Bowl: If one wants to safeguard one's fortune with a fish bowl, the object should be placed in the corner diagonally opposite to the room's front door, but not facing the kitchen (actually all Fengshui decorations must fall in place relative to each other, otherwise it may cause bad luck). Also, the fish should be well looked after.

Paintings of Buddhas or Gods: These paintings must be sanctified. Otherwise, they will not have the desired effect.

Pot Plants:
Dos: They should be luxuriant, placed at least two in living room or study room. Colours specific, the eastern side of a room should be in red: flowers like roses and peonies, especially for knowledge workers such as student, editor, and journalists; the western side in yellow: plants like kumquat; the southern side is a basket case: the green one can make its lady more beautiful, the red one can help build up a good business and the orange one can preserve family harmony; the northern side should better be placed with white flowers to set the family atmosphere.
Don’ts: Avoid placing a solitary pot plant in a room/ hall; avoid pot plants in bedroom or directly in line of sight with kitchen; discard withered ones; keep red ribbons on newly bought pot plants for a little while;

Wind Chime: It is a decoration to outsmart evil, usually hung at the entrance of the front gate. But keep it out of study room or bedroom.

Statue of Auspicious Animals: The animals include lion, deer, horse, dragon, kylin, and toad biting coins. The head of lion, kylin, and toad should point to the gate to draw in fortune and good luck, while the head of deer and horse should point to the room, representing auspicious animals are welcomed.

Wooden Floor: According to Feng Shui, it can protect the house from disasters and bring health and good luck to dwellers.

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