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Black front door Feng Shui

Feng Shui Main Door / February 17, 2019

Black is the color associated with water, and in feng shui, water equals wealth. But black is considered a very strong color. It’s not an easy color to paint with, which probably is the reason why we don’t see black paint used more in decorating. And that’s unfortunate.

Black is a power color.

Only those with daring use it. Only those who can handle it’s powerful draw can be around it without feeling drained by it.

In decorating circles, black is denoted as the kind of color associated with strength. In fact, most interior designers say that every room should have a touch of black. When you are using black for feng shui purposes, it should be a “pure” black.

That is, it should be as black as it can be and not a deep, deep shade of another color. However, that is not the most critical element about using black. The most important consideration is that you never paint a ceiling black because this represents water being over your head.

In feng shui, enhancing the sectors associated with the color black, means creating more opportunities for wealth.

That’s because, as mentioned earlier, black is the color of money. When people want to enhance their wealth, they immediately begin concentrating on the wealth sector in the southeast. This is short-sighted.

It’s important that you energize the sector that corresponds with black: the north. Why? The north is the sector of opportunities. So, many times, if you want more money, what you NEED is more opportunity because opportunity creates wealth, right? Enhance both sectors, and you’ve got financially rewarding opportunities. See what I mean?

Now, go to your local hardware store and grab some black paint!

Then, follow the tips below so you can get all the benefits of black.

Black is beautiful. It truly is. Want to set something off? Then put it on a black shelf instead of a white one. Whatever goes in a black frame or on a black shelf instantly becomes more prominent and important. Try placing a beautiful gold-colored (brass) vase or conch shell on a black shelf. These go beautifully together and will ramp up your career feng shui immensely!

Black makes you grow. Black is the color of water (money!) and water feeds wood, the element of the East sector, which is the direction of health. Therefore, make sure you have something black in the east sector of your home or office. A black ceramic pot with a fountain is perfect for enhancing health, family relationships, and, yes, money. Or, place a gold or silver fountain with black rocks in the north.

Make a black accent wall for career power. Want extra power and opportunity? Paint the north wall of your home or office black. Or, choose a wall in the East or SE sectors (preferably in the exact direction of one of the three directions). Please note that a wall at the center and rear of the house should never be painted black as this represents becoming overcome by water from behind.