What is a Feng Shui House Sitting Direction?

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House / January 13, 2019


The facing direction of your house is not necessarily the same as the facing direction of your main door. This issue has led to a great deal of confusion amongst practitioners, especially those wanting to benefit from the more advanced formulas of feng shui. It is beneficial and most important to know how to identify the facing direction of your house, and then to know how to take that direction correctly and with a good compass.

In this issue, LILLIAN TOO discusses some key pointers to identifying the facing direction of your house.

In many houses, both the main front door as well as the house itself faces the same direction. If this is the case, then it is usually a lot easier to determine the facing direction, as it will then be quite obvious. But this may not necessarily always be the case. When the door and the house face the same direction, it offers greater potential for better feng shui. But when they do not, then in determining the house facing direction for purposes of using the feng shui compass formulas, you should take the direction that best represents the facing direction of the house rather than the facing direction of the main door. When there is a main door in front that also faces the same direction as the house, you can take the direction from this door.

If there is no main door that corresponds to the facing direction, you will have to take the direction from a window or from glass or sliding doors that correspond to the house facing direction. If on the other hand there is no door or window here, then what you may have identified as your house facing direction cannot be taken to be the facing direction. According to feng shui, there must be at least some kind of opening towards the direction that is the “facing direction” of the house.

To ensure this, first take a good look at your house from all angles. Often the facing direction is obvious to the eye and professional feng shui consultants usually undertake an on-site investigation to correctly determine the facing direction of any building or house they are investigating.

There are general guidelines that will help you determine the facing direction of your house, although there will be houses that present a real challenge. Houses that are designed along modular lines or are irregular in shape often pose some difficulty when it comes to determining their facing direction. For most houses and apartment buildings however, the following guidelines usually apply and you can use them as a guide to help you make a judgement regarding the facing direction of your own house or apartment building.

Direction Of Maximum Yang Energy

The place of maximum yang energy is usually a busy road where constant movement of vehicles creates an endless source of yang energy. Thus the facing direction of a house is usually where it faces a road, especially a busy or important road. When the road is busy, it is usually definitely the facing direction. Indeed, most feng shui experts agree that when the house or building faces a busy thoroughfare, it brings good feng shui to the house, since it is in a good position to accept the yang energy generated. Other places that can represent a large source of yang energy are a view of a city, a view of a market or a view of beautiful scenery.

Thus houses that are perched against a hillside and have a picture window view looking into a valley where there is a city will often use this as its facing direction and the entrance into the home would be regarded as its back or sitting direction.

The dominant view thus becomes the defining factor. A beautiful valley filled with a forest of trees is also considered to be a place of yang 39energy. Here, the forest houses many living creatures and the plants and trees there also emit copious amounts of fresh yang energy.

Or perhaps there is a large complex or public buildings where plenty of people congregate – then this is also a place of yang energy. Such places attract many people who are the source of activated yang energy. If your house has a feature like this nearby, then it can also qualify as the facing direction.

Source: wofs.com