Feng Shui Myths - Is a picture of water in the bedroom a problem?

Water in Bedroom Feng Shui

Symbols / September 6, 2022

Here are some of the basic ways to erotically charge your bedroom with sex positive energy by using the guidelines of feng shui.

First of all remove all clutter so positive energy can flow throughout the room. Clutter blocks the flow of ch'i. You should also remove anything reminding you of past lovers. Photos, love letters, presents and gifts, anything that reminds you of the past should be removed. You might want to go as far as getting new bedding and even a new mattress, especially if you shared you current one with a long term love who is no longer part of your life.

Get rid of items associated with loneliness. You should not have just one of an item, not one flower in a vase, or one single photograph or one painting and definitely not one night stand. Everything should be arranged in pairs to symbolize a union. Have two candles on a dresser, two paintings on a wall, two end tables, etc. You should also avoid paintings or photos depicting one thing.

Pointy items should be avoided; they produce too much yang (male) energy. Replace pointy items with softer items representing natural curves.

Plants, whether they are living, dried, or artificial should be avoided in the bedroom.

Water is prohibited in the bedroom according to feng shui. It clashes with the fire element, the element of passion. Avoid having any water features such as fountains or fish tanks in the bedroom, also avoid any photos, painting or sculptures depicting water scenes such as waterfalls, rivers, lakes, streams, etc. Water in the bedroom can lead to financial loss and loss in a relationship.

Try to keep computers and televisions out of the bedroom. If you can not keep them out of the bedroom try to hide them in a cabinet or armoire that has doors that can be shut at night or cover the television and computer monitors with screens or thick cloth at night to block the yang energy that they emit. The bedroom should be full of yin energy, not yang.

Feng shui says the bed should be placed diagonally opposite to the entrance door. You should be able to see the door but not be in front of it. Do not sleep with your head toward the door. Have your headboard against a sturdy wall and your bed up off the floor with nothing underneath it to impede the flow of energy. Do not sleep next to a window because feng shui concepts say it disturbs the energies around you. You should also avoid having a mirror directly facing the bed. The mirror should not reflect the bed.

You should not be able to view your bathroom from your bed. Bathrooms should be screened or the door should remain closed. Feng shui principles suggest bathroom plumbing drains energy.

Keep all exercise equipment out of the bedroom. According to feng shui the bedroom is not the place for the excitement and flow of yang energy used during exercise.

Feng shui places a lot of emphasis on colour selection and use. Stay away from cool colors in the bedroom such as blues, grays, whites, and blacks. Warm colors are best for the bedroom such as browns, beiges, reds, apricots and yellows. Red, the colour of love and passion, is best for sexual energy. Yellow is also another very good colour for the bedroom because it symbolizes communication.

Women should avoid filling the bed with lacy pillows, dolls, and stuffed animals. The bed should be comfortable but uncomplicated.

Feng shui suggests including materials derived from animals such as fur, leather, and wool. Do not use polyester or other synthetics. For your bedding you should use natural cotton or silk.
For an erotic bedroom incorporate the fire element of feng shui by using candles and oil lamps.
You can add passionate energy in your bedroom with objects and paintings in shades of red, pink, and garnet.
Feng shui principles suggest placing a red object on the female night stand to increase eroticism in the female partner. On the male's night stand place a tiny jar of copper scraps or something made of copper. Copper represents the male essence and enhances eroticism to its fullness.

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