All About the Classical Feng Shui Bagua (Home or Office) - The

Traditional Feng Shui Bagua

Symbols / August 26, 2022

Question: I am totally confused about the feng shui bagua. If I apply the Western bagua, my career is at the main door, and if I apply the traditional feng shui bagua, then my career is in the bathroom! Why there are two different feng shui baguas? Which bagua works better?

The other way of defining the feng shui bagua is the BTB bagua, also called the Western bagua. This specific bagua is defined without taking into consideration the compass direction of the front door.

Trying to combine the two bagua styles - especially when you are new to feng shui - will always lead to confusion. So the very first choice one has to make when starting to apply feng shui is to decide which bagua school to choose. There is no better bagua; just two different ways of working with energy.

The truth is, each feng shui bagua has its own merits, and it will not be right for me, or anyone else, to say which bagua is better. Both methods reveal intricate ways in which Chi, or Universal energy works inside any man-made structure (be it a home or an office), as well as outside (be it your garden or a big city park).

It is up to you to choose a feng shui bagua style that you like and want to work with. The Western, or the BTB school bagua is much easier to apply, and many people achieve good results with it.
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The classical feng shui bagua requires to first take a compass reading, then define the bagua.

It usually takes several attempts to accurately define the classical feng shui bagua.
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In your feng shui applications, it is important to choose one bagua style and re-create your home accordingly. If you are new to feng shui, do not try to apply both baguas at the same time, as this can lead to a lot of confusion, as well as weak results.

When you have worked with feng shui for several years and have a good understanding of the movement of energies, you can actually begin to combine some parts of one bagua with the other. However, this work can be quite complex and unless you know exactly what you are doing - and feel confident about it - there is no need to go there.

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