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Small Indoor water Fountains Feng Shui

Symbols / October 21, 2021

We’ve all seen them, the ubiquitous “Zen” fountain. They sell everywhere… from department stores to drug stores, from garden centers to grocery stores. But, where do you put an indoor fountain? Where do you NOT put an indoor fountain? Where can an indoor fountain help you the most? Here is some basic information about indoor fountains, including information about fountains themselves, examples of good fountain choices, and some basic fountain do’s and don’ts.

Indoor Fountains 101:

1. Make sure that your fountain is large enough to hold enough water that it can go a day or two without refilling.

2. Keep the water in your fountain clean, clear, and flowing.

3. Use distilled (best choice) or bottled water ONLY in the fountain. Minerals, rust, and bacteria in tap water can corrode pumps and make the water nasty. At about .65 a gallon in the grocery store, it’s worth it to buy water. I only use about one gallon a week in my tabletop fountain.

4. Consider cannibalizing a fountain that runs out of water too quickly (which most boxed fountains are guilty of doing). Take out the pump and put it in a ceramic bowl that can hold a good amount of water.

Most of the time, the fountains that are sold only hold about 8 or 10 ounces of water and require refilling up to two times a day. Save yourself the headache of refilling by putting the pump in a large ceramic bowl (about 10″ across by 5 or 6 inches deep) with some rocks and then fill with water.

Do’s and Don’ts

Do put your fountain in the North sector of your house, office, or living room.

Do put your fountain at the front door, especially if it faces the North, East, or Southeast.

Do put a fountain in the East or Southeast portion of your home as these are compatible directions to the North, the direction of water.

Don’t put a fountain in a bedroom as this can cause problems with breathing, colds, and other ailments.

Don’t have a fountain where you can hear it from where you sleep. Shut your door or move the fountain so that you do not hear it while sleeping. To do so could cause you to have colds or respiratory problems.

Don’t have a fountain under a stairway. This can cause illness or other misfortune to come to the children in the house.