Is a Horseshoe Over House Door Good Feng Shui?

Significance of Horse in Feng Shui

Symbols / December 5, 2021

Question:I like the look of a horseshoe over the front door and am curious if this is good feng shui for a home. Can I have the horseshoe over my West-facing front door? Are there specific feng shui rules for placing the horseshoe? Can I have the horseshoe both inside and outside my front door?

Answer: The use of a horseshoe as protective and good luck symbol goes back many centuries, so yes, it is sure good feng shui to have it in your home.

The iron horseshoe has a long history as a powerful good luck charm in most Western countries, as well as in India.

In the Indian Vastu Shastra - which is an ancient environmental art very similar to feng shui - the horseshoe is one of the most popular protection symbols for a home.

Even though not a traditional Chinese feng shui cure per se, the horseshoe is definitely great feng shui protection and good luck cure for the front door of a house. Sometimes the horseshoe is also placed above the doorways, as well as the fireplace.

The horseshoe is usually placed outside the front door (and above it) as a protection symbol, but there is no restriction against placing it inside the front door. So, you can use your own judgement and aesthetic criteria for what looks best with your specific home style and decor.

Here are 3 feng shui tips for using the horseshoe as good luck and protection cure:

1. Choose a worn horseshoe rather than a new one. An actual, worn horseshoe will be infused with powerful energy as it was used to protect the horse over a long period of time.

It will also carry a strong energy imprint of the horse - a strong, free-spirited and powerful animal with rich feng shui symbolic energy.

2. Place the horseshoe with the two ends pointing up. This configuration allows for good energy to be stored and collected versus being spilled and lost (which is the case of placing a horseshoe with the two ends pointing down.)

3. Do not place an iron horseshoe above a metal door. If you happen to have a metal front door, especially a front door facing East or Southeast, it is best to avoid placing a horseshoe there. You can still use the horseshoe above a big window, for example, or above a wide doorway in your home.

To answer your question about having a horseshoe over a West facing front door, we need to briefly look at the five feng shui elements and their importance in creating a good feng shui house. The bagua, or the feng shui energy map, helps one define the right feng shui elements for specific areas of a home.

So, when you are considering placing a specific feng shui cure in a specific area of a house, you will first try to define the element of your cure. The most common expressions of feng shui elements are colours and shapes, as well as, of course, the actual material of your chosen cure.

For example:

  • a metal wind chime is obviously a Metal element cure
  • a crystal is an expression of the Earth feng shui element
  • a wooden table or a plant is a feng shui Wood element decor
  • a fountain belongs to the Water feng shui element
  • a fireplace or a candle bring strong Fire element energy.

When you know the feng shui element of your cure, you can easily decide where to place the cure for best feng shui according to the five elements interaction.

In the case of a West facing front door, as well as a Northwest facing one, the Metal element is most welcomed, so a horseshoe is definitely an excellent choice there. The Metal element is also welcomed in the North bagua area as it nourishes its governing Water element. This makes the horseshoe an excellent feng shui protection and good luck cure for a North facing door, too.