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Room Arrangement Feng Shui

Room / September 19, 2016

Feng shui is an ancient practice that has become widely accepted. It has knowledge that has been accumulated over years of perfection, as a result of which people can use these tips without being scared of failure. When it comes to feng shui in the bedroom, there are a lot of options that people can follow. These options will make it easier for people to get a harmonious and happy personal life.

A good feng shui bedroom is one that has positive chi and a harmonious, romantic and sensual energy. It has to calm, but excite at the same time. It is a bedroom that is fun to be in and can relax a person's inner desires and mental state as well. There are certain ways in which the bedroom can be redecorated to keep up with practices of feng shui- here are the most important methods that are to be followed.

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There are a few tips that have to be taken note of when one is trying to get some feng shui in bedroom. Having good and strong feng shui in the bedroom can be really useful for people who are trying to maintain some balance in their life or trying to introduce some romance in it as well. Read more on feng shui tips to improve positive Chi for bedroom romance.

  1. Keep the southwest strong: The southwest part of the room must be strong and clean. Do not let anything disrupt this corner of the room. It will not be beneficial to have any laundry related things in this area or to have the bathroom located in this corner.
  2. Use earth feng shui: Feng shui symbols for bedroom should be strongly linked to the earth element, since these are the ones that promote tranquillity, calmness and romance. Promote symbols that stand for romance and love in the bedroom as well (such as the Double Eight, Mystic Knot, etc.)
  3. A cluttered bedroom leads to a cluttered mind: Clutter is always a bad symbol in feng shui. It is certainly something to be avoided. A cluttered mind stands for commotion and lack of peace and that is not what you want in the bedroom. The bedroom is to promote calm and peace and you have to make sure that it is free of all clutter. If you don't have a need for anything in your bedroom, let go of it. This should apply for the rest of the house as well, for it will promote the energy level in the house.
  4. Connect to your bedroom: It is essential for you to establish some form of connection with the bedroom itself. This can be done through small things, such as personalizing your own house with pictures.
  5. Let the natural light flow in whenever it can: A dark room is certainly not a good symbol, so it is essential for people to make sure that the room is really light. The curtains should be drawn open and one has to make sure that they keep some amount of natural light stream in at all points of time. Keeping windows and curtains open would also let you get some fresh air, which is a sign of rejuvenation.
  6. The position of the bed: Pushing the bed to one corner would be a bad idea. It is best to put the bed in the centre of the room, where it can be accessed from all the sides. It does not do to put the bed in such a way where it cannot be easily accessed, for it can restrict the romantic air or the accessibility of the room.
  7. Keep a lot of twos: The bedroom is a space that is shared by two people. When you put any feng shui symbols for bedroom in there, you have to make sure that it is in twos. Have a double closet for both. If you are getting a Double Eight symbol, get two. Get two flowers. This is two symbolize the two parts that have been bought together in the bedroom.
  8. Avoid problematic symbols: There are some symbols that stand for power, aggression, etc. Avoid putting them in your bedroom for they can cause some disruption in peace and calm that has to exist within the room itself.