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Peony Flower Feng Shui

Symbols / October 26, 2022

2. Mandarin Ducks

The mandarin duck has always been considered among the most beautiful of birds. The male in particular is sought for its colorful plumage. This bird also mates for life and once it gets separated from its mate, the other half supposedly dies of loneliness.

This strong love and fidelity has credited mandarin ducks with relationship healing properties, especially in Eastern cultures like China and Japan.

In Japan, a folktale describes this everlasting bond between mandarin ducks. This folktale begins with a feudal lord capturing a mandarin duck for its beautiful plumage. The duck, separated from its mate, is utterly miserable and slowly starts to die of loneliness. The lord’s servant maid and her samurai lover see the true love and loyalty between the mandarin ducks, and decide to reunite the ducks against their lord’s wishes. The lord, angered by this disobedience, condemns the two lovers to death. Thus begins a story of love and loyalty.

Due to the overwhelming love and loyalty displayed in this folktale, throughout the ages many people have associated mandarin ducks with unwavering love and fidelity, and have used symbols of mandarin ducks as relationship-healing solutions and cures.

In the world of Feng Shui, mandarin ducks are used for relationship healing purposes. They are recognized as symbols of a strong and long-lasting relationship.

To use this as a cure or protection for long lasting marriage or relationship, put a pair of mandarin ducks in the southwest corner of your bedroom. Preferably the mandarin ducks should be made out of rose quartz and placed on top of a crystal disk.

Furthermore, wearing a ‘Mandarin Duck’ charm will also help in increasing your personal love aura.

3. A Pair of Swans

Like the Mandarin Ducks, a pair of swans is also considered effective in enhancing partnerships and making them last. I personally suggest the swan if the wife has a very strong character and may cause some insecurity problems for the husband.

4. Dragon Phoenix

If there’s one that could be considered as the perfect couple in Feng Shui, it would have to be the dragon and the phoenix. One is considered a true ‘Yin’ and the other a genuine ‘Yang.’ They support and complement each other only as true life partners can.

When placed together, a relationship is either strengthened or rekindled. Placing the Dragon Phoenix in the Southwest side of your home will improve and further sweeten marriage life.

Meanwhile for those who have yet to find their significant others, here are some Feng Shui remedies that I usually suggest to for one to find true love or marriage luck:

1. Rose Quartz Charm

Rose Quartz is a famous love stone. But why exactly? They say that the Rose Quartz has the capability to help you ‘find yourself’ thus making people understand you more and it will be easier to love you because of this. Thus, wearing it as a charm, whether as a pendant or a bracelet will greatly increase your love luck. It will also help attract the right partner for you.

The rose quartz is also useful for those who just came from a bad relationship as this charm is believed to heal wounded hearts. Adding a rhodocrosite to the rose quartz charm is also useful to help find new love.

Meanwhile, to keep a harmonious relationship, it will be helpful to put a rose quartz ball in the living room. A note for those who are already married — you should never put a rose quart ball in your bedroom because this might encourage infidelity!

2. Dragon Phoenix

Earlier I mentioned that an image of Dragon-Phoenix has the powers to strengthen marriage; but married couples are not the only ones set to benefit from this Yin-Yang combination.

For the single ones out there, putting a Dragon Phoenix in the Southwest side of your home will help increase your marriage luck.

3. Peonies

Contrary to popular belief, roses are not the flowers of romance – according to Feng Shui that is. Peony is considered as the most ideal type of flower to be given to women on their wedding day or on the day of the proposal.

Real peonies are the best; but Peony Feng Shui and/or items are also acceptable. Placing them in your room will help you find a good partner/spouse. Once married, having peonies in your room will ensure a happy marriage, and will drive away the infidelity curse.

4. Pink

The real color of love is pink and no, there’s no truth to the cliché that real men don’t wear pink. In fact, wearing pink and repainting your living spaces with this color will help you find love.

5. Phoenix and Rose Quartz Charm

For the single ladies who already have a boyfriend, wearing a phoenix and rose quartz charm will help them get the marriage proposal at the right time. The charm will also help ensure that it both parties are already ready to enter into a lifelong commitment.

6. Flying Geese

To ensure the commitment of your boyfriend or girlfriend put a ‘flying geese’ in your bedroom.

I once recommended this to a friend’s friend. About two months after she placed the ‘Flying Geese’ charm in her bedroom her boyfriend broke up with her. She then came back to me to ask why it happened. I told her that the ‘Flying Geese’ charm is to ensure commitment, and if one is not committed to the relationship the ‘Flying Geese’ charm will work as a catalyst to make sure that a couple either see through their differences or finally break up with each other.

I know she left my office feeling heartbroken; and perhaps a part of her even blamed me for what happened. However, I was quite positive that this Feng Shui cure worked for her good.

About a month after she came to see me the to complain about her boyfriend leaving her, I got a call from her at around eleven in the evening. Apparently she was just out with her friends to watch a movie. In the same movie house, she saw her former boyfriend with a pregnant girl. It turns out, her other friends admitted, that the latter was indeed carrying her former boyfriend’s baby and that they have been going out for two years already – even longer than my client’s relationship.

Aside from the things that I’ve discussed, I’m also recommending some Feng Shui related rituals to further enhance a person’s love and marriage luck. It is advisable that these Feng Shui love rituals be done during a full moon unless otherwise mentioned:

It’s easy to know when the full moon is, just get yourself a calendar with the Chinese/Eastern/Lunar dates indicated. They will usually show when the full moon is. The full moon always falls during the 1st and 15th day of the Chinese/Eastern/Lunar calendar.

  1. Cut pink colored papers into a heart shape. Write the names of your loved one to make him or her love you more. Place this on your altar, preferably at the base of an image of a Kuan Yin.
  2. Get a picture of your loved one and tie it with white ribbons imprinted with hearts.
  3. Release pink balloons with your name and your loved one’s name written on it.
  4. Starting on Chinese New Year, light 3 red candles for 15 days to increase marriage luck.
  5. Tie 2 red ribbons on your door knob to attract love and/or to keep couples faithful with each other. Note that all of these are not forms of a ‘gayuma’ (love spell). Doing these rituals will not make a person love you, but it will make the love of a person pure.

With the Feng Shui tips and rituals above you’re sure to be on your way in finding true love. On the other hand, these are things that you must absolutely avoid:

  1. Avoid restrooms in the Southwest. If this is unavoidable, put real green plants inside of the restroom.

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