Feng Shui Bagua Tips for Northwest Area of Home

North West Direction Feng Shui

Symbols / October 28, 2022

Ever wonder where in your house or business
to hang a painting or place a piece of furniture?

Feng Shui principles give you a clear picture of the best placement of objects in any building.

The five natural elements of Feng Shui are fire, earth, metal, water and wood.

  • The color red represents fire and the direction is south.
  • Earth is the color yellow and the directions northeast and southwest.
  • Metal is white, with its directions west and northwest.
  • Water is black or blue and the direction is north.
  • The wood element is the color green and directions are east and southeast.

Each element reacts with or against other elements, making combinations either compatible or incompatible. For instance, on the negative side, metal destroys wood. Wood is against earth because roots of trees penetrate the ground. Earth absorbs water, therefore defeats it. Water destroys fire and fire destroys or melts metal.

Elements produce good energy when combined with other elements in the following ways. Fire turns to earth as it becomes ash. Earth produces metal and metal becomes water as it melts into liquid form. Water grows wood and wood produces fire. Likewise, each element has Feng Shui items that characterize the element's powers.

Earth items for the home or place of business include porcelain vases, pots, ceramic statues and paintings or drawings of mountains and hills. These should be placed on the northeast, southwest or west side of the house or living room. Since the west side represents metal, earth items increase positive energy for the west side of the house. Northeast and southwest are earth directions, bringing good luck and good energy. However, placing these items on an east wall brings bad energy, because north is a water direction. Earth absorbs water.

Wood items are wooden statues and houseplants. These objects should be placed on the east or southeast side of the building - the directions representing wood. South (fire) is also a good direction for placement of wooden items, because wood (trees) produces fire. However, northeast and southwest (earth) are not suitable for wooden items, because wood destroys earth. Therefore, northeast and southwest are bad luck areas for wooden objects.

Metal items include pianos, wind chimes and cookware. Since west is metal's direction these should be hung or placed on the west wall of the room. Northwest and north sides of the house are good places for metal items, because metal becomes liquid. However, if you place metal objects on the east side or southeast side it becomes metal against wood (east) and is bad luck.

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