How To Use Mirrors To Create Good Feng Shui

Mirror Placement in Feng Shui

Symbols / September 14, 2022

Question: Why is a mirror facing the front door bad feng shui?

Mirrors are called the aspirin of feng shui for a good reason. With the proper placement of mirrors, you can considerably shift the feng shui energy flow and create better feng shui energy in any space, be it a home or an office.

There are many options for placing mirrors in your home - from a big mirror above the fireplace to a floor to ceiling mirror in your walk in closet.

It is good to understand the feng shui guidelines for placing mirrors in your home because mirrors can be really powerful!

Equally important it is to know that mirrors can create bad feng shui, if placed in the wrong feng shui areas of your home. Usually, these are specific bagua areas that do not like the Water feng shui element that mirrors bring into the space.

The reason it is not recommended to have a mirror facing the front door is because the mirror pushes away all the good feng shui energy that is about to enter the house. It is one of the main function of a mirror - to reflect the energy back, this is why we are able to see ourselves in the mirror!

In feng shui it is considered that the house absorbs energy (Chi) through the front door, similar to a human face absorbing nutrition through the mouth. This is why the front door is often called the mouth of Chi in feng shui.

Distance will only slightly change the effect of the mirror facing the main door, so if you have a mirror directly facing your front door, the best feng shui advice is to either remove it or slightly reposition the mirror so that it does not reflect the door.

Feng shui always works best when it is applied in a creative and subtle way. So, you can cover the mirror with some creative applique (if it works for your home decor), or even paint over it with a washable paint in a great color.

Here are a couple other suitable feng shui solutions for a mirror facing the front door:

  • Have a tall enough piece of furniture centered on the mirrored wall. Again, you have to be sure it looks good and compliments the space rather than makes it feel out of place.
  • Place applique (decorative stickers) on the mirror (Ikea has some great removable wall and mirror stickers in various designs.)

Look for creative ideas to solve your problems, and you will attract good feng shui (called Sheng Chi). Do not to neglect the bad positioning of your mirrors, as this can contribute to a challenging quality of energy in your space.

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