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Mirror Feng Shui living room

Room / September 15, 2019

Mirror is indispensable in people's daily life; it can reflect, so people who desire to look attractive would like to put mirrors in the house. However, it doesn't mean the more mirrors you have, the better. If you have certain knowledge about Feng Shui, you must know that the mirror is not a good item in terms of Feng Shui because it can reflect and belongs to Yin (the negative/passive/female principle in nature). According to Feng Shui records, the placement of the mirror directly affects the career, wealth, marriage, and even the health of the owner. Therefore, the mirror Feng Shui is not to be ignored!

1. The mirror shall not face the deities because it can reflect the evil spirits, thus ominous. If the mirror faces the deities, it will be a kind of disrespect which not only prevents the epiphany, but also has the opposite effect.

2. The mirror shall not face the main gate because it may reflect the good fortune away and bring career twists and turns, or poor fortune to you.

3. The mirror shall not be placed behind the sofa background wall because a backing behind the seat is required to make us feel secure. Here, the backing means the solid wall. If the seat has a solid wall behind but a mirror is placed on, the backing function of the wall will be weakened and the wall will be no longer solid.

4. The mirror shall not face the master bedroom door which is as critical as the main gate and plays a very important role. So, the mirror shall not face the master bedroom door to avoid bad luck.

5. Generally, the mirror shall not be placed at the end of the hallway because it may lead to frustrations in work and other things. Also, you will be more likely to make mistakes and go on a long journey in this case.

6. The mirror shall not be on the ceiling; otherwise, you sitting under it may consume energy and wealth, which is adverse to your health and fortune. Also, you cannot do as you wish and may easily judge wrong or suffer from a dispute with the villain.

7. The mirror shall not face the bathroom door because the bathroom is very private; once a mirror faces the bathroom door directly, everything in the bathroom will be revealed, making people outside feel uncomfortable and inelegant. Also, your privacy will be exposed.

8. The mirror shall not face the bed, which means the bed end shall not be placed with a mirror. If a mirror faces the bed directly, you waking up from the sleep in fuzzy awareness will be easily scared by yourself in the mirror. Also, the mirror which can reflect will take your good fortune away.

9. The mirror shall not be placed in the kitchen which is a place of fire; otherwise, the kitchen will have more fire due to the reflection of the mirror, thus easily leading to fire disaster or other accidents making you annoying.

10. The mirror shall not face the desk because it diverts the student's attention. In this way, the student will pay more attention to the appearance rather than study, leading to declining academic performance.

11. The mirror shall not be placed in the office, especially the boss's office; otherwise, it may lead to bad management, infighting, and undisciplined subordinates.

12. The mirror shall not be placed on the door of your very opposite neighbor. Many people often put a mirror on their gate, which will affect the neighbor's fortune. For the same reason, if your neighbor very opposite places a mirror on the gate, it will bring you bad luck.

Source: www.yourchineseastrology.com