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Symbols / November 13, 2020

It simply doesn't get more bland than the color grey, even black or white, its foundation colors, fail to reach its level of emotional absence. The meaning of grey is often a calm, detached, quiet color that is lacking in energy. It is the middle product of black and white, thus it is very neutral and indecisive - a color which doesn't care to take sides.

Some common properties of the color grey include:

  • Detached / Neutral
  • Lacks Vitality / Draining
  • Calm / Quiet / Conservative
  • Unemotional / Logical
  • Decay / Decline

Detached / Neutral

Because of its equal mixture of black and white, grey is a neutral, indecisive and detached color. If there was a war between black and white, it wouldn't take sides. Instead, because it is detached and has no emotional dependency, it would just sit in the background and enjoy the scene! This is how it should work in your rooms to create effective feng shui, regardless of what type of room. Grey should be a background color, a foundation, so you can profit from its qualities of stability and practicality. It should not be a highlight or stand-out feature in your room.

Lacks Vitality / Draining

Color psychologists go as far to assert that when there is too much grey, it is dreary, tedious, and passive, without life and natural fluctuations - which can be extremely draining to the physical body. People need sensory variation and that means a change of color. Monotony can leave room for and induce anxiety, tension, fear, and distress. For these reasons, do not use grey by itself. It needs to be coupled with one or two other colors which emanate more energy and alacrity. Luckily it's an easy color to combine to, some of its best color partners are with blue and brown. They will work a treat to boost productivity. Aside from other colors, you can spice up a grey room with different and stimulating textures, such as comfortable fabrics, wooden chairs/tables, and plants.

Quiet / Conservative

The reason why it is a superb color to use as a base or background, is because grey means to be calm, quiet and conservative. It will not distract or interrupt, and it simply doesn't care to. It does not enter the center of attention, unless there's nothing else to attend to - which typically creates bad feng shui, because there should be multiple ways to create chi and a flow of energy. It is helpful for calming and re-setting your emotions, like a refuge away from any madness of the world.

Shades of Grey

Light Grey

Has meanings associated more-so with clarity, clear-thinking, calmness, it is also far more detached.

Dark Grey

Darker shades are more symbolic of austerity and authority. It is more commanding and intrusive.

Unemotional / Logical

In the case of black, there would be an air of power, authority and mystery; for white, there is innocence and purity. Because grey is in the middle, however, it loses all of this qualities. It is left without any strong emotional effect, and is mainly practical and logical. It is often associated with grey hair and old age, It is a mature color, that priorities clear thinking. Henceforth, it is color which can help to transform thought into action, because it does not interfere. Place grey in rooms which you need to get work done, such as your home office or your kitchen. You will feel a sense of clarity in your thought, be able to think logically, and be productive. Just that change in one of your rooms, especially your home study, can direct you straight towards success.

The meaning of grey is connected to loneliness and depression. So, beware, and take note that too much grey for too long will change your way of thinking and will lower your vibration frequency, leading to negativity. This is a very important reason to add other more endearing colors to your feng shui rooms. It will eliminate the possible feelings of depression and isolation.

The Herder Dictionary Description

The meaning of the color grey as described in “The Herder Dictionary of Symbols: symbols from art, archaeology, literature and religion” is as follows:

“Grey consists equally of black and white, it is the color of mediation and compensating justice, as well as of intermediate realms (e.g., in folk belief it is the color of the dead and of spirits that walk abroad). In Christianity it is the color of the resurrection of the dead and of the cloak that Christ wears as judge at the Last Judgment.”

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