Home Design Tips: 12 Amazing Tips on How to Feng Shui Your Bedroom

How to Feng Shui your bedroom?

Symbols / January 2, 2021

If you are in an intimate relationship, the energy in your bedroom should flow in a positive manner. You want this one area of your world to be the place where your choice in a partner is validated. Love can be strengthened with a healthy dose of physical intimacy. Making your bedroom inviting, pleasant and comfortable are the basics. Investing time and care into creating a positive energy flow in your bedroom will improve your sex life and strengthen your relationship.

Feng shui (pronounced "fung-shway" and rendered as 風水 in traditional Chinese and 风水 in simplified Chinese) is literally translated in English as "wind-water". An age-old system of aesthetics from China, feng shui is frequently used today as a practice of optimizing your interior spaces for maximum positive energy flow. The belief is that energy is disrupted by a variety of common things that we add to our buildings. There are other things that can be placed in a room that assist in the positive flow of energy. Additionally, simple architectural features can assist or disrupt this energy that feng shui proponents call qi (rendered in traditional Chinese as 氣 and 气 in simplified Chinese). Qi, pronounced "chee" and sometimes spelled as chi, is frequently translated as "energy flow", but its literal translation is "air" or "breath". The better the flow of qi in and around your live and work spaces, the better your life.

There are methods of preparing your house and your workplace for the best possible energy flows. Here are eight tips on preparing, decorating and maintaining a bedroom thru feng shui in order to optimize your love life in general and your relationship specifically.

Flat Ceiling

If there are pipes or exposed beams above your bed, this can disrupt the qi, especially if you have a partner in the bed with you. Cracks, protrusions, wood slats, and anything that divides the ceiling above your bed – all of these push energy into separating you two. The smoother your bedroom ceiling is, the smoother your physical intimacy will become.

Lamp Lighting

Overhead lighting pushes good energy out of the bed. Even if you make love with the lights out, there may be times the light above you is on while the two of you are winding down from your day. This short window can bring about sour moods. If you are sitting in the bed reading with the light overhead and you hear your man coming toward the room, switch on a lamp and switch off the overhead light. Light from a lamp allows good energy to move freely through the room, especially when it is soft and emanates from behind an amber-hued lampshade.

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