Feng Shui Decorating in Easy Steps

How to Decorate Feng Shui?

Symbols / August 25, 2022

By Nancy Uon for viewzone

Ask yourself...

Is there a favorite room or spot in your home to which everyone seems to gravitate? What about an area that looked promising when you took the space, but turned out to be unused or uncomfortable to be in?

Also... Is your business prospering, or is money going out, not coming in? These situations, which I encounter frequently on initial visits with clients, can be solved using the art and science of ancient Chinese Feng shui principles (pronounced fung shway).

We often hear the saying, "as goes our environment, so we go." Feng shui teaches us how to create harmony and balance around us. By taking a hard look around and opening up our environment to healthy energy (Chi), we can make changes in our work and living space that will create corresponding changes in our life.

Feng shui, which translates to "the wind and the water, " is the Chinese art of correct placement. Practitioners believe that by arranging our furnishings and decor in a way that aligns with nature, we draw harmony and good health into our lives.

According to this ancient philosophy, the placement of everything from the front door to the toilet plays in our overall well being. The Chinese actually employ a Feng shui master before building or buying a home.

Most Feng shui experts stress the use of aesthetics and common sense in achieving the desired results and many new home builders seem to be incorporating elements of feng shui into their communities.

There are many stories that can be told about putting Feng Shui to use, but the following is a favorite since it created a favorable change in my own life.

by Marcela De Vivo

Regardless of who you are or how old, everyone can appreciate the benefits of a beautiful, comfortable living environment; however, following the principles of Feng Shui go way beyond providing for a home or office's material comfort; it also affects your physical and mental health, your worldly success and even your relationships.

Despite the many misconceptions and contradictory advice you may have heard about this particular method, it is important that you have an open mind and use methods that are most comfortable for your particular situation.

Feng Shui, on the surface, is the interaction between an individual and his/her environment, and it is often referred to as the art of placement. Depending on how you place your furniture and represent the five elements (water, fire, earth, metal and wood), Feng Shui has a way of bringing harmony, balance and comfort into your living space, not to mention aesthetically appealing as well. The color green, for example, is excellent for improving health and balancing family. Incorporating blues into your Feng Shui design supports the energy of your career growth, and white will bring supportive energy for all of your creative pursuits.

To learn more about how to incorporate Feng Shui into your own home or office, take a look at this helpful infographic, provided by Soothing Walls. It is a basic guide that you can follow so you can better understand the principles of this ancient art and reap its many benefits.

My restless bedroom

Several years ago, I purchased an in-town condominium. I was immediately taken with the master bedroom suite, which had beautiful mahogany book shelves built around the closet door on an end wall.

I also loved the owner's choice of Hunter Green on the opposite wall, and purchased the gold-faced, deep paisley window blinds which had been custom made for the oversized window. This, I thought, will be the perfect haven for sleeping, working and reading; a comfortable space to which I can retreat.

In order to get a restful sleep and keep unwelcomed forces from entering the room while you sleep, place your bed where you can see the entrance.

After living in the space for several months, I found myself uncomfortable in the room. The cozy retreat I had envisioned had actually become a cold, unwelcoming space.

I began migrating to the guest room on several nights to work and sleep. I never felt rested in the morning, and I started to develop a negative feeling about my home. A few weeks later, after learning about the ancient Chinese philosophy of Feng shui, I was able to understand why the room didn't work, and why it was affecting my life.

The ideal placement is within sight of the door but off to one side for maximum protection.

The bookcases and placement of the heating elements had eliminated the best areas for the location of the bed, forcing it to be positioned immediately to the right of the door.

The problem could have been solved simply by hanging a mirror on the wall opposite the bed to reflect engery and provide a view of the entry. However, a few days work with a carpenter and electrician allowed proper placement of the bed (in a position with a clear view of the door) [above].

The Hunter Green, too dark for a sleeping area, was changed to a much warmer shade of persimmon, a color of luck.

After making the necessary changes in color and furniture placement, I began sleeping soundly, started feeling happy and comfortable at home, and experienced an increase in business.

Need to make some changes to your home?
Start with color...

Do you need an expert to begin putting these principles to work for you? Not really. With a positive attitude, you can get a good start by using some of the following tips.

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