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Himalayan Salt LAMP Feng Shui

Symbols / September 11, 2021

Salt lamp feng shuiFeng shui salt lamps contribute to a healthy, positive atmosphere in the home and office and wherever you create a space to live, play or work.

Feng Shui Tips

Translated in English as “wind water, ” feng shui is the ancient Chinese practice of improving one’s life by using the laws of heaven (astronomy) and the Laws of earth (Geography). Feng Shui demonstrates how people can create harmony and balance around them. The purpose is to draw in and feel positive energy known as ch’i. Positive energy flows through the body and the environment. The energy can create positive effects and make important improvements in one’s life.

Feng shui subscribes to a number of practices that includes arranging objects and using colors to obtain the best positive energy. This consists of where to place objects in the home, geographic location of the home, and the interior and exterior design of a building or home.

Five Elements are implemented and represented by one, two or three of the following colors:

  • Wood - Green
  • Fire - Red
  • Water - Black or blue
  • Earth - Brown or Yellow
  • Metal - White, Gold, or Silver

A fundamental principle of feng shui is integrating the five elements into an area so they work collectively to bring harmony. The key is to add elements in rooms where positive energy is needed the most. This includes entryways, bedrooms, kitchens, and bathrooms.
More positive energy is needed where people spend the most time. Depending on the room, items and colors should emanate good health, happiness, love, and serenity.

For the office, the key is to use items, colors, and images that make you feel happy, creative, appreciated, successful, and emanates prosperity.

Source: www.natural-salt-lamps.com