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Symbols / December 15, 2021

I get this pretty often. As a professional feng shui master, I always feel the need to take this question with all the seriousness I can gather. Following up, I always post several protocol questions: What do you see around you? Where is the nearest water body? Are you taller than your surrounding buildings? Are you sitting on higher or lower ground? What is the direction of your house? By the time I’m done with these questions, most are half asleep. Others just stare blankly – seemingly overwhelmed.

Usually, these questions are not taken into consideration when buying or moving into a new home. However, most of us understand the importance of good feng shui. This is where the mismatch (and my headache) begins. Many clients come to me after buying a house (without paying attention to their house orientation) and want me to give them the best feng shui possible (I hope my fellow professionals are listening). Simply said, it is not possible. However, if there is one thing that I absolutely need everyone to pay attention to, it is the direction of your house.

For something so important, there is definitely too little knowledge. Okay, I admit there’s some ambiguity regarding this. And no, the main door is not always the way to determine the orientation of your house. I take the most logical approach and I hope that appeals to you too.

First off, let me explain to you why the main door is not always the most accurate guide for the orientation of your home or office. Some houses have weird or rather unique designs if you like, especially with architects trying to outdo one another. They are definitely not making my job any easier. Some even have their main doors sitting right at the back of the house.

Regardless, let me share the most surprising secret with you: I always use the largest (main) façade as a guide. We live in a different era where main doors are not always situated at the most obvious locations. So if a building is facing a certain direction with the main door tucked away in another corner, I’ll still go with the building’s main orientation. That, to me, is the right way of doing it.

At the most basic level, there are eight directions: north, northeast, east, southeast, south, southwest, west, and northwest. Each represents one of the Five Elements (Water, Fire, Earth, Metal and Wood). In feng shui, luck cycle changes once every 20 years. As luck cycle, like the stock market, is cyclical; what goes up must come down. In the last luck cycle known as Period Seven (1984 – 2003), east and west-facing houses enjoy tremendous feng shui support. However, the luck of east and west-facing houses starts slipping away since year 2004.

With that in mind, northeast and southwest are directions that enjoy the most feng shui support in Period Eight (2004 to 2023). Following that is the north and south. To make my job easier, it is always better to deal with houses that enjoy good luck cycle. Suitability is another factor that we consider by identifying favourable direction with the element that complements you.

In conclusion, I strongly suggest that you speak to your feng shui master. Does your home enjoy good feng shui? Well, I certainly hope that the direction you have chosen is correct and I will help you worry about the rest.

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