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Feng Shui Wind chimes Number rods

Symbols / June 28, 2022

Wind chimes are one of many people’s favorite items used for feng shui cures as well as home decor. It can be a very nice and suitable way to add some sound of delicate nature within our house. The feng shui wind chimes are very nice to look at and they make a very nice sound each time wind move them. Besides being decorative and musical, the feng shui wind chimes are also good tools for attracting money and friends as well as to promote harmony and health within our family.

In feng shui, wind chimes are widely used to activate chi/qi and eliminate any blockages that can be causing problems for a home’s occupants. They can control the flow of chi, such as diffusing the negative chi that has been accumulated. They also can direct beneficial chi into an area that has become stagnant. Wind chimes transform harmful or bad chi that enters our homes or offices into ‘seng chi’ (healthy chi) which is useful and beneficial for us. Some people use them to detect the attendance of spirits or ghost. Windchimes with a proper design according to the rules of the nature will not invite ghost but will instead chase away evil spirits with the tones of metal energy.

Types of Wind Chimes

However, wind chimes should be hung correctly if you want them to work for the best of their owner. Silver or copper, bamboo or wooden, ceramic or glass – wind chimes are always pleasant and useful when used as feng shui cure against possible negative influences of environmental forces.

For the best effect, choose the wind chimes with suitable size to your space. Very small chimes may not be potent enough outside or in a large room and very large chimes can be overwhelming indoors. As for sound, the important aspect to consider is how pleasing they are to people occupying the space.

What kind of luck you want to attract depends on the number of rods in the wind chime. To curtail bad luck caused by poison arrows and beams, you can use five solid rod metal feng shui wind chime. If you want to attract good luck in your lives, use six or eight rods. When you want to suppress bad luck, then five is most suitable.

Selecting chimes that correspond to the element of the area is another important consideration. For instance, the Southeast and East are associated with tree or wood energy, therefore using wood chimes is considered the most effective way to activate the energy of chi in this area.

Metal wind chimes are used generally to attract good fortune for homes and offices, they also slow down energies in your building or property. Wind chimes made of metal such as steel, alumunium, copper, brass, and bronze are especially potent in the metal element areas (Northwest and West) and water element areas (North) because water is produced by metal in the five elements theory.

Wood wind chimes work best if placed in the east (wood area), south (fire area, because wood produces fire) and southeast areas of the house.

Ceramic wind chimes can be used in the Northeast (knowledge luck), Southwest (love and romance luck) and center (health luck) sectors of the home. Those are the Earth energy sectors.

Where to Place Feng Shui Wind Chimes

Placed in front of an entrance, they make a good and effective security system by alerting occupants of intruders andd warning trespassers that their unwanted presence will be noticed.

Southwest Area
To increase your popularity, you can hang two-rod or nine-rod chimes, made of either ceramic or crystal, in the southwest corner of the living room. These chimes can help circulate the chi and will attract more people to you, thus increasing your circle of friends.

West Area
You can hang hollow metal wind chimes in the west area of your home to increase the chances of having children as well as to influence positively the behavior, health and academic performance of children.

Northwest Area
In Chinese tradition, influential friends are one of the most important and biggest keys to success. Without these people, it is believed that a person’s progress in life will be seriously hindered. Hang hollow metal wind chimes in the northwest (area that is associated with mentors and networking) to activate the chi there so that it will attract influential and powerful people who can help you on your journey. You can double the effect by hanging six-rods metal chime in this area as six being the number representative of tthe element in this sector.

North Area
You can hang a six-rod metal wind chime in the North sector of your home to activate career luck. The element of this sector is water and the use of metal produces water.

To Break up Stagnant Qi
If a front entrance is blocked by another building, this can cause chi to stagnate and thus causing stagnation in the lives of the building’s occupants. Because of this, they may find their careers, relationships or financial situations getting “stuck”. Adding wind chimes can disperse this negative chi and also bring new opportunities into their lives.

To help eliminate clutter
when clutter accumulates, it can negate any good or positive effects achieved by using feng shui. Eliminate as much clutter as possible is always recommended, this process can also be helped along by using the wind chimes. They will loosen up any stagnant qi and give clutter-clearing efforts an extra boost.

Alternative to Bagua
Acting as an alternative to bagua, 6 or 5 rods metal windchimes can also be used to diffuse poison arrows (killing chi) from T-junction, straight pole, lamp post, tree and oppressing tall large building in front of your house. Metal windchimes with 5 or 6 rods can also remedy poison arrows (killing chi) coming from sharp angles, corners of buildings and also roof ridges of yuor neighbours pointing at your front doors. You can also display a few 6 or 5-rods metal wind chimes if your house has any external wall facing harmful or bad energy sent by railway track, highway and other oppressive structures. Hang these wind chimes along the wall to dissolve the shar chi (killing energy). You are recommended to use odd numbers (yang) for the number of the windchimes hung along one wall at any one time.

At The End of The Stairs
You can hang a 8, 6, or 5 rods metal windchime at the end of the stairs to prevent your wealth from rushing down towards the main door downstairs.

In Between Doors
You also can display 6 or 5 rods metal windchime in between doors that facing each other in one line (like kitchen door facing bedroom door or toilet door).

You should not hang the wind chimes in a way where people sit, work, eat or stand underneath it regularly. This can cause head injuries and other illnesses and accidents.

Source: chinesehoroscop-e.com