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Feng Shui Tabletop Fountains

Symbols / November 8, 2020

An indoor fountain by itself is a wonderful stress reliever. The natural beauty of flowing water, along with its soothing bubbling sound, calms your mind and lifts your spirits. And according to the ancient Chinese art of Feng Shui, if an indoor fountain is placed in harmony with ch'i, the universal life force, it promotes the flow of positive energy through the home and rejuvenates the inhabitants with tranquility, prosperity, and well-being.

While good health, wealth, happiness, and peace of mind can be yours to enjoy when flows unobstructed through your home, knowing some basic Feng Shui principles will ensure the flow of positive energy and maximize the calming effects of the water fountain.

Yin and Yang

Connected with the Feng Shui theory of placement of objects is the theory of yin and yang. Yin is the passive energy in nature whereas yang is the active energy. Thus, while placing a water fountain, it's important to keep in mind the yin and yang areas of your house.

For example, Feng Shui experts recommend placing a fountain in the living room because it abounds in active energy. But placing a water fountain in the bedroom is not recommended as the bedroom symbolizes passive energy, which conflicts with the active energy of the water fountain and causes disharmony and imbalance in the environment.

A Balanced Design

According to Feng Shui, design imbalances like acute room angles, jutting corners, and unused spaces can block the flow of through the house. Placing a water fountain can balance such flaws and regulate the flow of positive energy.

Ba-gua Zones

Feng Shui specifies nine Ba-gua zones that relate to different areas of our lives: career, knowledge, family, health, wealth, fame, friends, partnerships, and energy. These zones are determined by the location of the door of your house or the front of your desk at work.

The career position is believed to align with the wall of the main door. Thus, placing your garden fountain on either side of your door entrance should encourage the positive flow of energy and enhance your career significantly. Likewise, placing a water fountain in the southeast corner of a garden is said to strengthen the wealth zone.

Growing Popularity

Water fountains and the age-old wisdom of Feng Shui have helped thousands of people relax and lead stress-free, prosperous lives. And what's more, a fountain adds elegance and aesthetic charm to any indoor or outdoor setting. Whether it's a small tabletop fountain, a wall fountain, or a large outdoor fountain, you can never go wrong with water fountains.