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Feng Shui study room

Room / June 12, 2019

Feng Shui Study RoomThe study room is a place where family members study for college or school examinations therefore the room needs a lot of positive energies or chi. If you want to apply Feng Shui for your study room in order to improve concentration and productivity, there are several things that you need to keep in mind:

  • The person who sit on the study desk should face his or her auspicious direction.
  • The position of the desk is crucial, place your desk in ‘commanding position’ – in such a way that the door is visible to the person sitting at the desk. This will give the person a sense of security because he or she can see everyone who passes by or enters the room. Make sure also that the person’s back is not facing the door or window.

    The desk in the study room should be placed towards the right of the window. But if there is no window then hang a mirror to the left of the desk. Do not place the study desk between the window and the door.

    Sitting opposite the window of the neighbouring house is not recommended as it causes discomfort. Sitting right in front of the window can make you lose concentration and therefore is not recommended.
  • The chair should be comfortable and have a high back. Behind the chair, you can place a picture that is a symbolic of water to increase the flow of creative energy. Avoid placing the desk under the exposed beams or a protruding air conditioner.
  • Make sure your study room is free from clutters. Cluttered room makes positive chi difficult to come in. Studying in an untidy room can be distracting, so do make sure that your room is clean and calm.
  • Ideally, study room should be situated in a quiet part of your home. If study areas form part of another room such as bedroom, living room or kitchen, then you can separate them with a screen or folding doors so that the two opposing energies do not mix. It is not a good idea to have your study area (yang) in the bedroom (yin).
  • Remove any sharp or piercing shape of objects (including pictures, paintings and statues) that is pointing towards the person sitting at the study desk. Sharp objects create poison arrows which is harmful.
  • Many people place a bamboo or cactus plant in their study room because these plants symbolize good fortune and can grow in harsh conditions. Plants in the study also help to improve the air quality and add some yin balance to the yang machines (such as computer or handphone). Some of them place the plant or wind chime near the window to prevent bad influences and bad luck from coming in through the window.