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Feng Shui Protection

Symbols / November 9, 2018

Feng Shui Protection

Feng Shui Protection

Article by Craig Hamilton-Parker.

Feng Shui is about much more than interior design. It has a spiritual dimension. Feng Shui Protection is sometimes used by ghost hunters and psychics as a means for spiritual protection, generating positive energy and clearance of negative energy.

We’ve discussed how certain environments lift your spirits while others drain you, and how this may be caused by earth energies or the vibrations resonating in a place from previous occupants. The Chinese have been aware of these effects for centuries. To combat these negative energies, they developed the art of Feng Shui Protection. The protection of Feng Shui comes from deliberately creating in your surroundings energies that will continually increase and support your sense of well-being, in this way protecting your soul from negative influences.

What we have called “earth energy” corresponds to the effect of Chi energy in Feng Shui. “Earth energy” and “chi energy” are, similarly, the life force at work. It is not only present in all living things but moves about the planet. This Chi energy is everywhere and may manifest itself with positive and negative aspects. You will sense its positive aspect when a place “feels right.” This feeling when you buy a property suggests that the energy of the property may be in harmony with your dreams and desires. The Chinese believe that Feng Shui Protection will protect you from bad luck and attract good fortune into your life.

People who complain of geopathic stress or believe they live in an environment that has no positive chi also claim that they are beset with bad luck. According to the ancient Chinese, good luck is not a result of chance but created by the Chi energy that is all around us. Think of chi as a life force that moves, like a wind, through the environment. It also has the qualities of water, for it absorbs and releases the vibrations given out by the things upon which it comes in contact. The chi around you at this moment may be full of positive influences that will bring you luck, or filled with stagnant influences which will draw misfortune to you. In addition, this chi energy can influence your wealth, health, relationships, and every single aspect of your life. Negative chi can harm the quality of our lives but good chi will make us healthy and happy. Getting the chi in an environment right can act as powerful protection for the soul.

Fortunately, we need not be at the mercy of bad chi. We can improve our lives by influencing chi energy so that it continually works in our favour. The art of improving these energies is Feng Shui, translated literally “Wind and Water.” In antiquity, it was a secret art reserved for the fortunate ruling class who could afford to use a Feng Shui master to manage their environment. The extremely ancient system dates back over 5, 000 years. Today, the “secrets of the dragon’s cosmic breath” –as the sages described it–are finally being revealed to us in the west. Now we can all use Feng Shui to live in harmony with our environment and draw upon the subtle energies that will nurture our health, wealth, and happiness.

advert-psychic-protectionA Simple Overview of Feng Shui Protection

The Chinese tell us that all life on this planet is animated by the life force called chi. It is in everything. It is universal. It is in us and all around us. It is in the flowing rivers, the ascending mountains, the wide plains, our cities and our homes, and it influences our prosperity, health, love, and happiness.

Chi flows through everything. Just as we are surrounded by the invisible energies of electricity, microwaves, radio, and Television signals, so chi energy also permeates our world. In china they believe also that the flow of Chi can also be influenced by astrology. (See Chinese Astrology section for basics of Chinese Astrology)

In its most positive form it is called Sheng Chi, and where it is concentrated plants flourish, animals flourish, and we flourish. It never moves fast and it can accumulate in the environment and even within our bodies. The best place for chi to accumulate is where the air is fresh and water flows slowly and sinuously. The flow of water and of chi are a part of Feng Shui. For example, many of the great cities of the world, such as Hong Kong, London, Paris, and San Francisco, are built on sheltered harbours or slow-flowing rivers. Not only are these sites practical for shipping, but they are places where chi is greatest. Some of these cities are particularly blessed because they have water access at the front and are protected in the rear by mountains. Hong Kong is positioned between the South China Sea and the Central mountains of China; New York between the Appalachians and the Atlantic; and London between the Chilterns and the River Thames. The water and wind elements of chi energy in these locations are perfectly balanced, and therefore encourage life and stimulate trade.

Sheng Chi brings good fortune and is described as clean, vibrant, and energetic. However, it should not be allowed to gather great speed or it will become harmful. A widespread Feng Shui technique is to use water to control the flow of chi. When chi encounters water it settles, so water can be used to accumulate Sheng chi. If a water feature, such as a fountain, for example, is placed in an auspicious position near a home, it will bring good luck to the front door.

Source: psychics.co.uk