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Feng Shui Principles Bedroom

Symbols / February 28, 2021

A modern Feng Shui bedroom

Disclaimer: Before you read further I urge you to follow logic and common sense. Everyone wants a better life, deeper happiness, richer love, and a bigger wallet. But in order to achieve this you have to stretch and challenge your own beliefs while maintaining a healthy dose of doubt. Faith – and acceptance – are the keys to this amazing power.

Feng Shui In The Bedroom: Real or Fantasy?

The bedroom is the heart of the home. It’s where we spend most of our time and it’s where magical things happen. I’ve been asked over and over whether Feng Shui has any place in the bedroom and I always answer – with a knowing smile – “Absolutely.”

First off, forget what you know. If you simply search Google for articles about Feng Shui, most are literally focused on “Bedroom Feng Shui.” It’s almost impossible to strip the real from the fake, and most of what I’ve read – and I’ve read a great deal – is wrong or downright offensive. Feng Shui in the bedroom requires a level of respect and attention to detail.

Feng Shui bedroom - a city view nightTo go further you have to understand, then you’ll understand that a Feng Shui Bedroom does not actually exist as a simple tool. Using Feng Shui for the home, office, and other areas requires seeing everything as a whole – the real! Classic Feng Shui cannot be done only to the bedroom, to the kitchen, or the living room because the Qi (energy) is everywhere.

The principles used in a Feng Shui house are totally different than what you may find in cheap articles written for traffic. A Feng Shui bedroom cannot exist without having the house Feng Shuied. Whatever anyone says, that is not real Feng Shui, so you’d better carefully decide where and to whom you pay your money.

Feng Shui Bedroom windows at the backHow things started and how wrong they get it

As with most things in the world at the moment, the fakes are rampant, and you need an amount of logic and sharp thinking to understand how things really work.

In recent years, the so-called New Age Feng Shui promoted at such a high level produced a lot of money, to the great detriment of what the real Feng Shui means in someone’s life. This may be the biggest detriment done to an ancient science and runs counter to what the classical Feng Shui really is.

To go even further, you have to understand the meaning and the difference between the New Age Feng Shui and the Classical Feng Shui. In New Age or Pop Feng Shui (of which the Internet contains an abundance) where the system is based on so called “Made in China” good luck objects, ornaments and trinkets put in the bedroom or under the bed with the belief that this will bring you luck and love… well the answer is yes – you probably need belief for them to work as these man-made objects do not generate the Qi on their own, but at least they are very nice decorative items, right?

By the way, we are curious to find at least one person for whom those “magic tinkerbells” have brought any actual good luck. Are they suddenly millionaires? Is their life better after putting a horse statue under the bed in the year of the horse, or a monkey in the year of the monkey? I highly doubt it.

, the one you find here on PowerOfInvisible, we focus on alignment of Qi from the natural environment (direction, location, time, land formation, water formation) – whatever is natural and not man-made. You don’t need to believe in nature in order for nature to work. The energy is there and you are already affected by it, knowingly or unknowingly. Classical Feng Shui is about understanding how Qi works in our natural environment and learning how to harness it.

Can you notice the difference?

Another example requiring a little bit of logic: no one who painted a bedroom wall blue or yellow increased the standard of their life. The most they may have obtained was the Placebo effect (which yes, can work for a short period). As Feng Shui is based on energy, place, and time, logic dictates that no one becomes a millionaire or billionaire just from having good Feng Shui in the bedroom.

Source: www.powerofinvisible.com