Office Feng Shui: Do I Face the Wall or a Bad Direction?

Feng Shui office Sitting Direction

Symbols / March 1, 2022

Question: The feng shui of my office desk positioning at work cannot be changed. I face my worst feng shui direction from my three bad feng shui directions, and so does the line coming into my office phone. I have been very unhappy for two years at work since I moved there, and my health has deteriorated. If I turn around to face my best feng shui directions (the office desk is a U shape desk, so I can) I am facing a wall, and my back will be towards the office door. What is better office feng shui in this situation?

Answer: Your office feng shui situation does sound challenging. However, this is certainly the case with numerous offices - their office feng shui is just very bad.

Best feng shui is achieved by experimenting, so do not hesitate to experience new options in your office and see the results, especially if the existing office feng shui has created deterioration in your health and well-being.

I know each office space will have many restrictions, but I have also learned from working with numerous office clients that more often than not you have much more freedom to improve your workspace than you realize.

I encourage you to explore all feng shui possibilities listed here and see if it is possible to implement them in your office space.

Subtle feng shui suggestions for better air quality include:

Feng shui suggestions for better quality light include:

  • having an appropriate task lamp
  • introducing bright colors (color is light) in appropriate office decor items, such as a photo, bright colors of your office supplies, etc.
  • going for a full-spectrum lamp, if possible
  • maximizing your exposure to the natural light.

Once you have dealt with these must-have basics for good office feng shui, focus on doing your best with what you have.

In between facing a wall in your best feng shui direction or facing your worst direction, I would probably recommend facing a better direction and dealing with the wall. Keep in mind, though, that every situation is unique, so one would have to be in your office to give you the most accurate feng shui advice.

If you have to face a wall in your workspace, you can dramatically improve the feng shui of this situation by having vibrant bright art with some depth, or perspective to it. Making the wall disappear is your goal and be sure this is possible with appropriate feng shui cures.

If you have to have your back to the door, choose a high back chair, as well as add an appropriate reflective surface to help you see what is going on behind your back.