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Feng Shui my Bedroom for love

Symbols / July 13, 2021

I had dabbled in Feng Shui, the Chinese theory of organizing your environment to benefit your life – for awhile. My house was Feng Shui’d (0% chance that is a real word), my office was Feng Shui’d, at times my clothes hanging out to dry have been Feng Shui’d.

It was when I returned from a trip to Borneo, where I had fallen in crazy love with David a wonderful guy from Catalonia when I paid extra special attention to it.

A year and a half later we got married. Coincidence? The Chinese would say no.

Looking for love? Here are the only 6 things you need to know:

Feng Shui is based on the premise of everyone’s life has nine major components to it:

  • Wealth and Money
  • Reputation and Fame
  • Love and marriage
  • Family
  • Health
  • Children and Creativity
  • Skills and Knowledge
  • Career
  • Helpful People and Travel

Doing Feng Shui for love (and marriage if you are interested in such things) is free, will likely take less than an hour of your time (and perhaps only a few minutes) and I have never seen it not work. Never.

How to do it? Five super easy steps:

1. Find your love corner

The Chinese have these nine life situations carefully laid out in what they call a Bagua Map (see below). The idea is that you are supposed to lay this map over a blueprint or sketch of your home to locate the exact areas but the beginner’s way to find the love and marriage area of your home is to:

a) Go stand at the front door of your home and face the inside of your house
b) Point your hand to the far, far right corner of the inside of your home
c) Voila! That the love area you need to focus on.

2. Clear (and clean) out your love corner

Now that you have located your love corner let’s get it working for you. Here is what you need to do:

a) Remove all of the following from this area:

  • Any representations of people or things who are by themselves, alone or single in other words this is not the corner for the big photo of your best friend who is chronically single.
  • Anything that is symbolic of an old relationship. Make sure any ties from relationships of yesteryear are nowhere near this corner.
  • Anything in three’s (unless you are into that sort of thing)
  • Unwelcoming things such as prickly planets like cactus’ or objects such as knives or images or things that are anything but happy and welcoming.
  • Games – you don’t want your relationship to have games. Make sure there aren’t any in your corner
  • Distractions should not be in this corner. This is not the place to set up the computer, the TV or anything else that distracts you from the attention of love.
  • Anything you do not use regularly, do not like or is considered unnecessary or clutter
  • Dead plants
  • Dirt and dust (make this area sparkle!)
  • Anything that reminds you of people, places, events or times you would prefer not to think about or remember
  • Garbage cans or bags
  • Anything broken or needing repair
  • Anything that has a negative connotation to love, relationships or marriage. This is definitely NOT the corner to store the random photos or gifts from past relationships.

b) Once you have removed all of the love-icide give the love area of your house a good once over – clean, sweep, mop, wipe down, wash up – get it prepped for the next step towards amore!

3. Now spruce up your corner with the Feng Shui symbols and colors of love

With the Feng Shui love-icide problems taken care of, now it is time to put the love symbols in your corner. To do so add any of the following:

  • Anything that are the colors of love i.e. red, pink and white (assuming it does not also fall in the category of what was listed above to remove i.e. do not put a red statue of a single woman or your wedding dress from the marriage that went kaput in this area.).
  • Symbols of love – In my most favorite Feng Shui book every Karen Rauch Carter suggests: “fireworks, animal print material, a bottle of champagne and two glasses, a bride and groom wedding cake decoration, two of anything such as statues, lovebirds, plants, lights or pillows” Carter also suggests, “a bowl of passion fruit or Hershey’s kisses.”

It is important to note that these things do not actually need to be seen. For example, if you had red, pink or white paper or other things you could put them behind or under a table or shelf in this area.

4. Make sure your are getting all the love leverage you can

Want to make sure you have given your house all the good love energy it can manage? Do the same thing for every room in your house, your office or cube at work, your garage and even your car. Just go to the main entrance of the room point your arm to the far right corner of it and get to work!

5. Make sure your bedroom is one of equality and seeing double

One thing that always makes me nervous since my dabblings in Feng Shui is seeing a friend’s bedroom that does not have two identical bed side tables. An imbalance around the bed symbolizes an imbalance in the relationship. When David and I moved into our new house there was only one nightstand, so we moved it to the opposite wall so both sides of the bed would be equal (equally without nightstands). Also, make sure not to have things in “ones” in the bedroom either. No pictures of you or anyone else by yourself. Have only one picture above the bed? Put two.