Move Into Your New House The Singaporean Way

Feng Shui moving into a new House

House / June 22, 2019

At the tail end of the Rabbit Year 2011, my daughter Jennifer and her family got ready to enter their new home and I was determined to make very sure they got it right. I know how important it is to observe all the auspicious rituals and to make sure the move is undertaken in an atmosphere of joyousness. No long faces on the day they move in, no temper tantrums and definitely no clumsy remarks like "Oh I'm so hungry" or "Oh I feel sick"… No indeed! Instead, only lucky remarks are to be made and there must be smiling faces at all times. I realized, as I explained the whole procedure to Jennifer, Chris, Jack and Joshy that not many people are aware of the Do's and Don'ts involved in entering a new house for the first time… so I thought I would share the experience with readers...

First we selected an auspicious day and hour. This has now been made very easy because each year we compile the Feng Shui Almanac calendar which makes choosing the right day and time a very easy process indeed. In each month, there are usually a few days that are especially auspicious for moving into a new house and having found these dates, it is also very important that the day selected does not clash with the animal sign of the main parties. This is really vital as a clash will render the move inauspicious!

As such, the moving-in date needs to be carefully worked out.

It is also more auspicious to move in during the fifteen days of the waxing moon i.e. when the moon is rising rather than during the second half of the lunar month when the moon is waning. And I always prefer moving in during the morning hours as opposed to the afternoon hours. This ensures that you bring excellent sunshine yang chi into the home with you.

Prior to moving into the home, it is a good idea to make Incense Offering to the local landlords and spirits of the land. This is an excellent way to appease them and the ritual ensures that the spirits do not create obstacles for the family. It is simply so important that the family can live in harmony with the spirits of the land and the goddesses of the earth.

Getting the spirits of the cosmic realms on your side is a powerful method of Spiritual Feng Shui and it ensures that life in the new house will not just be safe and secure for the family, but also that there will be abundance and good fortune. This is an important dimension of ensuring that life in the new house will be smooth, prosperous and happy; and that there will always be longevity of good feng shui.

The incense offering ritual should be done in the early morning hours before the family moves in. Prior to the moving-in date, furniture and clothes can already be moved in. The "official moving-in date" is the day when the family moves in the beds and sleeps in the house thereafter. So by the day the family moves in to live in the house, quite a lot of the furniture has already been moved in. It is also a good idea to ensure that before the family moves in, that ALL the light switches work, that the plumbing works and most important of all, that the kitchen is in good functioning order, as part of the moving in ritual involves boiling water and cooking something "sweet" i.e. turning on the stove. On the day of the move, everything must work!