5 Feng Shui Wealth Areas in Your Home or Office

Feng Shui Money Corner in bedroom

Bedroom / May 13, 2019

Feng Shui Wealth – What is the wealth corner?

As promised earlier, below is an image that reveals to you the relation between elements, directions, colors and what’s their affect in your life.

Do have a very good look at it.


Alright, from the image, you can see that the South-East (SE) corner of your home – and in fact of all the rooms in your home – is the wealth corner.

Furthermore, the North part is also a wealth corner (called the secondary wealth corner); secondary because it’s related to career and success and the better career you have, chances are, the more money you make.

What this all means is that if your home and all the rooms in it have a very strong – or defect free – SE corner then you’ll be helped by Qi energy to attract wealth and riches.

Let’s see what feng shui wealth has to say about the SW corner.

You can see from the image in the first section that the SW corner is ruled by earth element; hence if you’ve a bathroom/toilet, kitchen, storeroom in SW then the house suffers from bad earth energy. Having this in mind, let’s start learning the dos and don’ts of SW feng shui wealth corner.

Feng Shui Wealth Corner – South-West – What To Follow

  • Keep the SW of your home clean at all times.
  • If there’s a living room in SW then:
  • Make sure to have a water body such as a in SW of the living room.
  • Make a 6 tier water fall & keep it well lit.
  • Make sure that the water flows towards the home and not outside.
  • Place a in the water fall such that water flows from his head and body; this’ll bring lots of wealth.
  • If there’s a bedroom in SW then make sure to keep a feng shui in the closet.
  • Once you’ve applied the remedy (mentioned below), you must energize the outer part of cured area using favorable colors and feng shui elements.
  • For SW favorable colors are earthen and skin color tones and element is earth.
  • Feng Shui Wealth Corner – South-West – What To Avoid

  • Avoid a house that has a cut in SW.
  • Avoid a house that has bathroom/toilet, kitchen, storeroom in SW; if you’ve a bathroom/toilet, kitchen, storeroom in SW then you can apply the below remedies
  • Hang a metallic wind chime (metal weakens water) in bathroom/toilet, kitchen or storeroom in SW.
  • Make sure that no one passes under the wind chime.
  • Make sure that you or no one sits under the wind chime.
  • If there’s a bedroom in SW then make sure not to keep any water feature, mirror and plants in there.
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    Armed with all these simple – yet extremely effective – feng shui wealth tips, we believe that you’ll – now – start applying them and will be living a life of abundance in truest sense.

    Source: www.fengshuipundit.com