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Feng Shui Main Door / July 22, 2019

feng_shui_tips_lo_pan.jpgContrary to belief, there’s nothing supernatural about Feng Shui, it’s more of an ancient interior design manual, using the art of placement with a little charm.

There’s no magic.

It’s purely using energy vibrations, ergonomics and aesthetics in the best way possible to create a perfect space relating specifically to you as an individual.

The more your space can mirror your most open, energetic self, the more magnificent your home will be and the more you will gain from its synergy.

So lets get started.

feng_shui_tips_front_door.jpgThe following 14 Feng Shui tips are geared towards better understanding the principles of this ancient art, and to fully reap from its many benefits.

1. The Feng Shui Compass (Pa Kua) And The Bagua

Decide whether to use the Pa Kua number/compass or the Bagua chart/map.

feng_shui_tips_bedroom.jpgTo begin, divide your home or office spaces into sections according to the Pa Kua (the Feng Shui compass) or Bagua (Feng Shui chart/map), and know your intention, meaning what you want to bring into your life.

Stand in the center of your space and determine each corner and sector of the room. With the sectors identified, use the enhancement tools to draw positive energy to that area and to balance forces.

2. Beware Of The The Killing Breath

feng_shui_tips_living_room.jpgThe Killing Breath (or "poison arrows") is created by sharp pointed objects or structures and pathways: sharp corners, pointed roof angles, tall buildings, electrical towers, crosses or overhead beams.

They channel negative energy such as ill fortune, bad health, monetary loss, legal problems, missed opportunity or other negative events. The negative energy that emanates from poison arrows travels in straight lines and should therefore be obstructed.

3. Feng Shui For The Front Door And Entrance

feng_shui_tips_bright_hall.jpgChi enters through the front door (considered as the mouth), so make sure it’s well-lit, easily accessible, obstruction-free and clean to allow the energy to flow right into your home and life.

Most importantly, it must be protected against poison arrows. If you plan renovations, these can be cured by changing the angle of the door. If it’s an existing feature, a screen of tall trees or foliage can block these arrows.

4. Feng Shui For The Kitchen

Kitchens are seen as a symbol of prosperity. If you can feed yourself well, you’re already abundant.