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Feng Shui Infinity Symbol

Symbols / April 22, 2020

Understand the application of most popular feng shui symbols

Traditional, or classical feng shui schools, have many symbols used for various purposes. Some feng shui symbols are well known, such as the Mandarin Ducks for love and marriage, the Tortoise for protection and stability, or the Koi Fish for abundance. Some feng shui symbols, such as Bats or Chi Lins, are less known. Explore these feng shui symbols to see which one might help to improve the energy of your home.

For successful application...MORE of feng shui in your home or office is it helpful to understand that the terms "feng shui symbols" and "feng shui cures" are often used interchangeably.

In addition to the energy of beauty and grace, flowers also bring a flourishing, good luck and numerous blessings, quality of Chi to any home. Alive flowers are sure the best choice for your home, as they bring a strong healing energy; but images of flowers or high quality silk flowers are often used in feng shui, too. Read more