Holistic Education: Feng Shui in the Classroom

Feng Shui In The Classroom

Symbols / October 15, 2019

For as many hours as teachers and students spend in classrooms, it helps to be in an atmosphere that allows for the most creative learning environment. These helpful tips are sure to help you get the most out of the space that you have, as well as create a fun and organized classroom.

Feng Shui for Kindergarten Classrooms

  1. Display books. Lots of books create an inviting air and put education on the mind of students at a young age. As opposed to putting books away in shelves, stagger books and display them so the covers are facing outwards, enticing children to take a look.
  2. Group bright colors. Grouping bright colors creates a fun vibe for young students and encourages creativity.
  3. Create reading centers. This allows students to peruse books and converse in small groups, building communication skills.

Feng Shui for All Classrooms

  1. Utilize the bagua map This is one of the key elements of feng shui decor. The bagua map tells you what areas of the room need harmony and balance, giving you a direction for what areas to work on.
  2. Pay attention to the elements. It is important you pay attention to the five elements (water, wood, metal, earth and fire) when organizing your classroom and placing furniture. Dictation of where these elements belong will be in the bagua map.
  3. Place desks in an octagon shape. According to the baqua this promotes harmony in the classroom. You will likely need to leave an open space so you are able to access students and serve as the focal point of the room, so organize desks as an octagon with the “bottom” missing.
  4. Work with what you have. You may not have the space to organize desks in an octagon shape. Rows are suitable and should all face one way, preferably towards the doorway.
  5. Utilize other elements of feng shui. If you are not able to meet feng shui requirements with the furniture arrangement of your desks, you will still be able to utilize the other fundamentals of feng shui to promote harmony in the space.
  6. Make comfort a priority. If you or your students are uncomfortable, it will create distress. Always place the comfort of the people who will work in the space before any feng shui rules. This itself is also a rule of feng shui.
  7. Incorporate water. Feng shui says the flow of water promotes knowledge. Bring in a small aquarium or even a gold fish in a small bowl to bring a serene feeling to your classroom.
  8. Alignment is key. Everything in the room should flow. Desks should all face one direction and avoid any large objects that block off areas or cause an obstruction for students.
  9. Students should be able to move freely. The classroom is useless if you or your students can’t get around easily. Make sure the room flows in a manner that makes everything accessible from the pencil sharpener to shared computer stations.

Source: www.mastersineducation.com