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Feng Shui House Facing East

House / April 2, 2018

Text: Rashi Gaur
Photograph: Shutterstock

Exposure to sun is vital for living. Hence it is important that the house is designed in such a way that it gets sufficient sunlight or else the good energies start to dissipate with the passage of time. Vastu and feng shui consultant Rashi Gaur points out the effects of sunlight on the energies of the house, the feng shui way.
  1. In the northern hemisphere, the sun rises in the east. In the morning hours, it’s the east zone of your house that gets maximum sunshine. This is good energy, the healing energy, and every household needs it. The energy that is soaked in through sunlight continues to stay there throughout the day. Hence it is vital to have an open zone in this area. Have windows, a balcony or garden, anything that allows the sun to enter. If you have plants in this zone, ensure that they don’t grow so tall that they start blocking the good energy.
  2. The sun moves to the South East zone from East and by afternoon, it is at its peak in the South zone. In the winter months, when the weather is cold, it is a good idea to allow sunlight in through these zones. While summer and sunlight is yang (positive energy) in nature, winter and night are yin (negative energy) in nature. Yang denotes life and yin denotes death. A balance of both is vital. Just like night and day are equally important, it is important to ensure that the amount of sunlight in the house is maintained to balance yin and yang.
  3. In summer, the sun energy is anyway too strong and keeping the sun out is probably a good idea. Similarly if a room has way too much sunlight and you tend to feel restless there all the time, you need to tone down the energy. Use curtains and drapes as a solution.
  4. If a particular room in the house gets too little or no sun at all itwould lead to dampness and stagnation. Switch on bright lights and play music at least for a few hours each dayto create artificial yang energy here. Pets are also a great source to uplift energy. This way you can ensure that there is more yang energy than yin energy to maintain balance in the house.
  5. In a house where all windows are facing North, chances are that the house will have no direct sunlight and there may be a feeling of depression, bad mood or slowdown. People in such houses could face many problems in life. So it is vital to create parallel sources of light. Try and see if provision can be made for a skylight in the East, North East or South East. If skylight is not possible, see if a real fireplace can be placed in the South zone. Adding candles and other sources of artificial lighting will also help.
  6. If the longer length of your home faces east or west, chances are you will have most windows or openings there. Sunrise will energize your life helping you with new beginnings and getting you new projects. That’s why east facing houses are always preferred. Sunset will make you more mellow and romantic. So a relaxation room with windows in the west could be a good choice.

Source: www.homeonline.com