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Feng Shui Home Color

Colors / August 26, 2018

If your relationships are tired and money flies through your hands your house might just be the wrong color. Maybe life is a constant struggle and you can’t put your finger on the one small thing blocking your success. The answer could be as simple as the color on your house. Feng shui dictates that the paint color on your house can affect your wealth and abundance.

For instance, if your house is painted the wrong color for the direction it faces, you might be losing money. A good example of this is an east- or southeast-facing house that is painted white. This is a great example of houses that lose money or whose residents suffer from ill health or poor family relationships.

White is the color of metal and east and southeast are wood-facing directions. Because metal cuts wood (think of an ax or a chainsaw), the success of the house is affected.

Color can be confusing — but it doesn’t have to be
When it comes to choosing house colors, it can be very confusing and difficult to make a decision. Most are not sure what will look good or what’s the best choice is for their house.

Feng shui provides several starting points for color selection because each color has a different meaning and direction associated with it.

However, if you can paint your house a color that is harmonious with the direction it faces, you will help create a beneficial environment in the home, and help harmonize it with the environment, thereby making life go smoother and easier.

Use good design sense when choosing good feng shui colors
For example, color in feng shui means different things. Black is the color of money, but a black house won’t necessarily make you rich. However, a house that faces north and is painted white with black trim on the shutters and front door, and has brass trimmings, is a perfect example of a house that is harmonized with its environment. That’s because white is a metal color and metal makes water — making white a “productive color” for a house.

This also means the color and direction are harmonious. Feng shui is often referred to as a method for creating harmony. Harmony – in feng shui – means that colors, elements, shapes, and numbers are all supportive and beneficial for one another.

A Feng Shui Guide to Choosing House Color
Use feng shui to harmonize house color with the direction that it faces.

White (creativity/children): Good for west, northwest and north-facing houses as it reflects light well and stimulates these directions.

Green/Purple (growth/good health/wealth): Good for east and south-facing houses.

Blue/Purple (career/wealth/opportunities): Good for north, east, and southeast facing houses.

Yellow/Beiges/Gold (ochre) (relationships/stability): Good for northeast, west, southwest, and northwest facing house. Yellow is a color of wisdom and study.

Reds/Pinks (social status, recognition, relationships): South, southwest, and NE facing houses benefit from these colors.

Browns (health, happy family relationships): Good for growth and longevity and excellent for east-facing houses and good for the south (fire) direction.

Taupe (relationships, stability, grounding): This color is excellent for the northeast and southwest because these are “earth” directions and taupes are earthy or stone-type colors. It also helps stabilize relationships and promote family harmony – particularly for the woman of the household.

What about trim colors?
White is always a good option, as is a lighter shade of the predominant color. Choose a dark door color from the list of corresponding colors. Or choose a darker shade for siding and lighter shade for the door and trim.