10 Worst Feng Shui Bed Headboards

Feng Shui Headboards

Symbols / August 21, 2018

The bed is a critical piece your ability to be rested and supported as you sleep, and indeed, your life. When the headboard of your bed is compromised, it will create problems for you in your life in your relationships, health and difficulties with money, and even getting proper rest. Many beds simply don’t have a headboard at all, and this gives the sleeper absolutely no support, sleep quality is impacted and many find they feel like they have to “go it alone” in the world.

Based on that, you might think have any headboard is better than none, but that’s not exactly true either.

Some headboards can cause more harm than good.

A great example is a metal bed. These may look romantic, but there’s a number of problems that can arise when sleeping in a metal bed.

Selecting a headboard that provides good support and give you the right kind of rest is key to make you supported, confident, successful, happy in your relationships, healthy and prosperous!


Metal headboards.
Whether it’s your grandmother’s antique brass headboard or one you’ve just recently bought, a metal headboard doesn’t provide proper support at night while you sleep. It also conducts energy and because of this, can cause fitful or disturbed sleep. Lastly, metal beds often result in headaches, migraines or sinus issues.

Low headboards.
If your headboard is very low, you may as well have no support, and can make you feel insecure, uncomfortable and stressed in your daily life. A taller headboard would be a better choice than one that is too low.

Storage headboards.
Popular in the 80’s storage headboards have too much going on. There’s clutter rammed behind doors or in cabinets, there are often holes for storage, and sometimes, mirrors. If you have problems with your health or relationships, you can often look to a storage headboard as the culprit.

Holey headboards.
There are situations where holes create siphons that drain your energy. If your headboard has holes in the design because of slats, spindles or cutouts, this allows your energy to seep through it as you sleep, and will keep you from feeling adequately rested and you may be agitated during the day.

Separated or split headboards.
In many countries outside the US, twin beds are pushed together to create a large king bed. This is also true of the headboards. When not used for a couple, the two separate beds can be pushed apart and used as a single. While this is convenient, and makes good option for houseguests, it can create separations and problems with a couple. Sometimes, that’s just the design of the headboard. Regardless, make sure to use a single headboard and a single mattress, especially if you’re part of a couple, or want to be.

The wallboard headboard.
These floating headboards are mounted on the wall and do not provide adequate support because they often have a “hole” between the mattress and the headboard. Your headboard should be firmly mounted on the bed and create a solid support from just below the mattress and up.


Fortunately, when it comes to the best headboards for a bed, the issue is much more straightforward. The goals are simple: solid and supporting. These are the two objectives to aim for.

Solid support.
A headboard that is solid and unbroken is going to provide you with the best sleep, the most support and help your relationship the most. This can be a wood headboard or an upholstered headboard. Either one is fine for good support.

Tall headboard.
This type of headboard is tall enough that you can sit up in bed and it’s still firmly behind your head and back. This will provide you with adequate support as you sleep unlike a short headboard.

Source: redlotusletter.com