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Feng Shui Frog with coin in Mouth

Symbols / November 29, 2019

Feng Shui Frog with red eyes sitting on a pile of traditional Chinese gold coins and with a coin in its mouth is a popular Feng Shui decoration as it represents the allure for wealth. On its back, there are seven spots symbolizing the large Dipper which plays an essential role in the Chinese astrology. It gives us the most auspicious Chinese image of cash-making. This legendary creature is said to appear during the full moon appears.

Since it is generally understood as to be wealth-associated therefore it is often placed at home and offices. In line with Feng Shui beliefs, frog with a coin in mouth protects your wealth and guards one’s success in life. In all, it symbolizes the inflow of money, Feng Shui insists that a feng shui frog should be facing the main door towards the outside area for it to be effective. In addition, It should never be kept in, near or towards the bathroom.

Material: high-quality resin
Color: Gold

Source: www.fengshuibestbuy.net