Create Good Feng Shui in a Small Studio

Feng Shui for Studio Apartment

Symbols / August 7, 2021

Positioning the bed for good feng shui can be a dilemma in many bedrooms, no matter the size of the bedroom. The reason can be too many bedroom doors or windows in close proximity, or just an awkward shape or design of the bedroom.

Positioning the bed in a small, open studio apartment is even more of a challenge, that's for sure. You have to master the skills of creating good feng shui in enclosed areas that can serve different functions.

At the same time, you want to maintain and nourish and open energy flow in your space without making it look and feel too crowded or constricted.

In order to help you decide the best feng shui placement of your bed, first be sure you know how to create good feng shui in a small studio apartment. Be very clear with what your needs are and explore the best ways to have your needs met.

Feng Shui Bed Position

Here are some easy steps to find the best positioning for your bed in a studio apartment:

  1. Take your bed measurements and see where it can actually fit in your studio. The easy part is that there are not that many choices, so narrow down your options.
  2. Sense and experience the energy in each spot. You can even try to sleep in each of the chosen spots for a night or two, and your body will give you immediate feedback as to which spot has a better energy for your bed.
  3. Apply the general feng shui criteria for a bed, is possible. Choose the spot that is further from the door/entryway. Choose a spot with a nourishing, protective energy for your bed. Be sure you do not see the bed as soon as you come home (this is different from the feng shui tip of seeing the bed as soon as you enter the bedroom).
  1. Use smart dividers for the bedroom area. You need visually pleasing dividers in order to fulfill two feng shui requirements for your studio apartment. The first one is to create protective energy for your bed. The second requirement is to camouflage or prevent the bed from being a focal point of your whole home. Free standing screens, bookcases or even a strategically placed tall plant can serve this purpose.

If there is no way to find a good spot for your bed in your apartment studio - which is always a possibility - look into the Murphy or wall beds that get stored away during the day. A sofa bed or a futon can also serve this purpose. Even though this solution might take some work each morning and night, it is also the only solution that allows you to enjoy more space in your studio apartment.