Good Feng Shui For Better Rest | Bedroom Design Ideas

Feng Shui for Master Bedroom

Symbols / September 6, 2022

Feng Shui considers your bedroom, and especially your bed, to be the most important place in your home.

It’s where you live your innermost life – resting, dreaming, romancing.

But the Master Bedroom often gets shortchanged, becoming an afterthought or a haven for clutter because it’s in the back of your home or otherwise “out of sight.”

A bedroom with good Feng Shui.

Here are five steps you can take right away to create a bedroom with great Feng Shui, a room that serves your deepest needs.

Step 1. Ask yourself, “What is the purpose of my Master Bedroom?” This may seem like a strange question to be asking in your bedroom, but think about it: do you use it solely for sleeping and relaxing, or has it taken on the characteristics of some other activity – as an office, exercise area or playroom, perhaps?

The Primary Purpose of your bedroom is always rest, relaxation and rejuvenation. Anything that doesn’t serve this purpose should be eliminated first!

placing it where you can easily see the door.

Step 3. Declutter! When you clear the clutter from your bedroom you eliminate the psychic noise that comes with disorderly stuff and give yourself the gift of a calming environment.

Step 4. Assess your art and accessories. A bedroom needs particularly soothing and uplifting images, so surround yourself with art that makes you feel great. Mirrors create stress in your bedroom; if you’re having a hard time relaxing, move them to another spot in your home.

A TV in the bedroom also disturbs the peace, bringing unwelcome electromagnetic energy into your sanctuary. The best option is to remove it altogether, but if this is impossible cover it up whenever it’s off.

Step 5. Make it personal! Set up warm lighting, perhaps a small music system, and bring in sensuous colors and luxurious textures. If you’re sharing this space with a partner, make sure you each have space for your personality.

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