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Feng Shui for Building new House

House / December 4, 2018

With feng shui consultations for existing buildings we are basically trying to “retro fit” improvements to a building which would have had better feng shui if it had been built differently in the first place.

Whilst there are many things which can be done to improve such buildings, it’s very rare that they can be completely brought up to the standard which they could have been had they been designed and built in accordance with sound feng shui principles.

With a new development you have that very rare opportunity to design and built in auspicious feng shui from the start.

For property developers and local authorities who are installing new roads and landscaping there are even greater opportunities to improve the feng shui of our community.

A far eastern master was quoted recently as saying that the key to such developments is to get the road directions right. He’s right, but you’re probably wondering what the road directions have to do with it, so let me explain. Buildings are usually built at right angles to the road, so if you fix the road directions properly, the buildings will all face auspicious directions.

Even quite small adjustments can have major consequences as the following example shows, which looks at the effects of small changes in compass direction for a building where the back has to face roughly North:-

  • If you build a house with the back facing almost due North (0/360º) and the back door & front door both centred in their respective walls, you will find that pretty much everything you turn your hand to will fail within about 2 years.
  • If that same house were rotated so the back faces 357º, you would find that most things you turn your hand to will turn out rather well, and if that direction happens to suit you personally as well, and/or you happen to sleep in a favourable part of the building, things would turn out very well. If on top of that the surrounding landscape is auspicious you could even end up as a very influential and respected member of the community.
  • If you rotated the house to 355º it would help your children enjoy long and healthy lives
  • but if you went in-between to 356º, although things would go well for you, there’s a good chance that your brothers and sisters would start to pinch each others money and maybe yours!

So you can see from that, that even quite small variations can make quite a difference. Obviously it’s not worth tearing up the existing road networks (it’s much easier just to rotate the individual buildings a little), but if you’re laying out new roads anyway ...

If you are redeveloping a whole area the above example touches on another important aspect of feng shui, which is normally fixed - landscaping. The positions of water, higher land, lower land, buildings and roads all have a very strong influence on the resulting feng shui. Again you can’t go around tearing down the landscape just to improve the feng shui, but if you’re carrying out a major development which involves re landscaping anyway .

But what if you’re not carrying out a major piece of urban redevelopment. What if you’re just building one house - the one you plan to live in afterwards?

You probably can’t create a landscape with beneficial feng shui influences, but you can seek one out which has when you’re searching for your building plot (or at the very least avoid the out and out bad ones).

Once you’ve settled on the surroundings to the new building, the design of that building brings other opportunities which will either be closed off later, or at the very least be extremely expensive to retrofit.

To give you just three examples:

  • The direction of the rear wall of a building is input to a great many calculations and so it has a very strong influence on the fortunes of the occupants of a building. If the rear wall faces between 328.8 and 331.1 degrees it will be very difficult for the occupants to succeed at anything. Just a few degrees round from there (between 332.5 and 334.1 degrees) they would have a much better chance to succeed - I’m even tempted to say that they would find it difficult to fail !!!
  • The direction and location of the front door is also extremely important. If it was centred and faced 154.1 degrees the occupants would find it very easy to accumulate wealth. If it faced 327 degrees occupants would find themselves constantly at loggerheads with the authorities - usually over taxes.
  • Where water enters and drains out of a building is also important. Once the drains are laid, that’s fixed, and even the positions of things like toilets are quite difficult to change after a building is completed.
I could go on and on, but I hope I’ve planted the seed in your mind that although there is a lot that you can do to retrofit auspicious feng shui to a building, there is far more scope to - usually at very low or even nil extra

Source: www.fengshui-consultants.co.uk