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Symbols / January 12, 2021

Question: Is an aquarium next to the fireplace in the living room good feng shui?

Answer: First, let me ask you a question: do you think it is good feng shui to have an aquarium close to the fireplace in your living room? How does this setup look and feel to you even if you did not know anything about feng shui?

In making any feng shui decisions about specific feng shui cures, first always decide if it makes sense to you visually, as well as practically. Will having an aquarium close to the fireplace weaken the fireplace role as a focal point of the living room? Will it create a sense of visual clutter or imbalance?

These are all practical interior decorating questions to ask yourself before you even start looking into good or bad feng shui of this setup. After you are clear as to how good this looks and feels to you, then we can look into deeper feng shui levels, such as:

Ask yourself: how do the feng shui elements of the items in question interact?

It is helpful to understand the basics of the productive and destructive cycles of feng shui elements in order to make these decisions. Do you need a stronger fire element in this specific feng shui bagua area or is it more water feng shui element energy that this feng shui bagua area needs?

Feng shui fire element (the fireplace) and the feng shui water element (the aquarium) create strong energy together that can often lead to a restless quality of energy, or the energy of conflict.

Think of this interaction in simple, practical terms: how do water and fire interact?

Next, which area of the bagua is your fireplace located? If it is in an area that welcomes the fire feng shui element, such as Southwest, for example, or South, then the water element of the aquarium will only weaken the feng shui energy needed in the area.

  • The aquarium usually represents more elements than just the water element, all depending on its design, as well as the number and type of fish.

Source: www.thespruce.com