Feng Shui Tips for Your Main Entrance

Feng Shui Entrance mirror

Symbols / August 26, 2022

Which Entryway do you like best?

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Now, here’s the wonderful part. Despite their differences in style, color and texture, each of these entryways illustrates a feng shui tip that you can use. Fans of this Chinese design philosophy believe that you’ll invite positive energy into your home by following some basic principles.

I’m no expert. But lately, I’ve had entryways on my mind. I think it’s because of my new blog; it’s got me thinking about first impressions, wondering what visitors see, and interested in how to make someone feel welcome.

And suddenly, I was curious to learn some feng shui tips that might be easy and fun to incorporate into my home’s entrance.

So here’s what I learned.

  • Do you know someone that exudes warmth and exuberance?
  • Do you know someone that lifts your mood and makes you laugh; a person who is full of life and optimism?
  • Now imagine if you could draw that same kind of positive energy into your home every day. Because according to Feng Shui design, your home’s entryway is your personal gateway through which good energy, called Chi, flows into your house and yes, into your life too.

According to feng shui design, Red doors attract good energy.

Photos: Google Images, House Beautiful

A black door invites wealth into your home…

And there’s more. It turns out that incorporating these four tips will actually create a sense of coziness and functionality to your entryway.

Feng Shui Tips for your Entryway

1. Pay attention to lighting. According to feng shui design, darkness in small spaces can have a negative impact on your mood. Choose lighter colors in your entry. Overhead lighting is a must, and put a favorite lamp on a table near the door. When you go out for the evening leave it on, and you’ll be amazed at how welcoming this soft light can be when you return. I do this, and it’s really true.

2. Never have clutter at the front door! Offer a place to “hang your hat” and stay awhile.

Not everyone has a foyer, or large nook area near the front door. Some of us don’t have any walls that separate our entry from the rest of the house. But from a feng shui perspective, clutter by the front door can make the occupant feel blocked and restricted in their life, so we need to be creative in order to control the flow of good energy in this area, and offer places to put things. For instance, place a small table near the door, with a spot for keys and mail. A basket for shoes. A hook for purses and personal items. And in a perfect world, we would all have a lovely bench or chair nearby, so we could sit down while we removed our shoes.

Photo: Design Sponge, Google Images, BHG

3. Find a spot in your entry for Mirror or Artwork

Have you noticed how often mirrors are placed in the entryway? Not only do mirrors make tight places feel more open, they reflect light from the outside. But feng shui experts have a warning: beware of the mirror’s ability to reflect everything in it. It’s important to know what your mirror is reflecting, and to make sure it’s something lovely, in order to foster positive energy. Avoid reflecting hard edges. And one more feng shui tip: don’t place a mirror directly across your door, instead, the mirror should be on a side wall near the door.

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