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Of course the home site itself is the most important determiner, but if all things were equal otherwise, which direction should your house face?

I wonder because many cultures had specific tradions and beliefs in this regard. Plains indians always faced their Tipis East, and Chinese Feng Shui says a house should face South, for example.

What is your initial preference?

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And in the sunny SW there is a distinct advantage to facing can actually use your patio.

With a proper overhang you block the high summer sun to the south while allowing the lower winter sun in the windows.

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I depends on the regional climate and the type of house.

In a climate with winter weather, it's desirable for the largest expanse of house with windows to face south with the west side of the house having many windows too. This allows the sun to help warm the house in the winter. In an extremely hot climate, you'd want to do the opposite and have most of your windows facing north and east. THE OTHER most important placement for areas with winter is the roof design. It should slope of the east and west sides. If it slopes north and south, the snow won't melt as quickly on the the north side of the roof. But east and west slopes get sunlight throughout the day to melt snow.

Since our summers are very hot and humid, it's important that the porch, deck and/or patios aren't on the West side of the house. These are outside areas you want to enjoy in the evenings. The west side of the house gets too much sun in the evenings in the summer. The east side of the house is where the house is naturally shaded by the house blocking the sunlight.

In the end, a house can face any direction, but the design of the house and where windows are placed are of the most importance. Placement of outdoor living areas is also important.

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Hi Kapilv- welcome to city data.

I'd say it depends upon where you live. In the hot climates you might want to situate your house so that your backyard was shaded in the afternoon, but in a cooler climate the reverse. We've had a house in Ohio facing east and also in GA facing east... kinda wish the Ga house was facing in a way that shaded the back of the house in the afternoon. At any rate, I think the home designer should plan the windows, or lack of windows, in a house according to the site. At least my house has no windows at all on the south side, which is great for keeping out the summer heat.

Hopes, I just read what you wrote. I seriously wasn't copying.

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Originally Posted by lifelongMOgal Interesting link:
Front Entrance | Feng Shui Chinese

I'd add that the front entrance is not necessarily the entrance most often used by the homeowner. I prefer a West facing front door however the door I use most and the driveway I use I prefer to have a southern exposure (snowmelt and out of the wind for my geographic area).