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Feng Shui Direction of front door

Feng Shui Main Door / April 27, 2017

I am currently looking at building my dream house. I've read that the front door should be facing east. To make the property look good, I need my house facing north. Is that good Feng Shui, if not, how can I make it so?


I don’t work much with landscape feng shui because it is not very often that one gets to build a new home. However, in my feng shui studies, I have not learned that the front door should be facing east. I am more familiar with how landscapes influence building design (ie. feng shui and forms), how streets influence, making the most of plot designs, and building shapes and orientations. Here is what I know:

Landscapes, or exterior forms, have a tremendous influence on a living space. If you have the luxury of building a home, then there are some fundamental principles you can follow.

  • You generally want to support and protect your “back” while providing open space in the front. For example, you might want to situate your house at the base of a hill/mountain, with open space in the front of the house.

  • Ideally you should have an “arm-chair” design – where there are taller formations at the back of the house, with smaller formations on either side.

  • The approach to your house should be gentle and curving. You don’t want a street whizzing by your house (chi whizzes right by too) or dead-ending into your entrance (which is a poison arrow). Shrubbery can help to remedy these types of situations. Driveways should be smooth, gentle and meandering with a slight curve towards the space.

As for building and plot designs, square and rectangle shapes are considered favorable feng shui. Rectangles and squares provide stability, harmony and balance.

You actually don’t want your house too far back on the plot either (you won’t benefit from favorable chi).

Finally, it is considered unfavorable feng shui to have something blocking your entrance like a tree, fence or light pole. So pay attention to that.

If you want to get more information, I would recommend Dr. David Twicken – he goes into great detail about building placement and forms.