Feng Shui Bagua Map

Feng Shui Diagram for House

House / August 6, 2016

The bagua diagram is an essential feng shui tool used in determining the areas in your home or office that directly correlates to your nine major life areas.

What is a Bagua Diagram?

A core concept of feng shui is the bagua, also called pa kua and eight trigrams. This eight sided diagram divides into eight equal areas, known as guas and a center section encircled by the eight guas.

Each of the nine areas corresponds to one of the nine major specific areas of life. These life areas include:

  • Career and life path
  • Wealth, prosperity and abundance
  • Knowledge, skills and self cultivation
  • Fame and reputation
  • Children and creativity
  • Helpful people
  • Family
  • Relationships
  • Health, located in the center, as all life areas relate to you

The center of the diagram contains a yin yang symbol representing the balance of everything within you.

The outer area of the bagua has a trigram on each of the eight sides. Each trigram is directly associated with the following:

  • Season
  • Direction
  • Family member
  • Personality
  • Meaning
  • Color

Arrangement of the Bagua Trigrams

Derived from the I-Ching, known as the Book of Change, the trigrams of a bagua symbolize the universe and the changes that take place within it. There are two different sequences of the trigrams around the bagua map. The Early Heaven sequence is known as the Primordial Arrangement or the Fu Xi. The Later Heaven sequence is known as the Inner World Arrangement, the Manifested Bagua or the King Wen.

The Early Heaven arrangement of the trigrams refers to the order of the things in the universe before creation or any changes took place. The Later Heaven sequence refers to the world after the heaven and earth mated and produced all the changes that took place. These changes included everything that exists in the world.

The Purpose of the Diagram

The diagram is often though of as a bagua map or blueprint necessary for determining the auspicious areas, those with positive energy, and the inauspicious areas, those with negative energy. Once the areas are identified as having energy flows that are positive or negative, you know the areas that need changes to correct the flow of positive energy throughout your home or office. Applying the proper feng shui cures to those areas that need strengthening maximizes the positive flow of chi freely throughout your home.

Using the Diagram

To use the diagram, it is necessary to have a basic sketch of the floor plan of your home or office. Imagine extending the sides of the bagua forming it into a square and dividing the square into nine equal sections. To do that, simply draw a square onto semitransparent paper and divide it into nine equal sections. When finished the square should resemble a tic tac toe game.

The website, Circle of Light, provides free printable bagua maps.

Source: feng-shui.lovetoknow.com