Feng Shui Tips for Crystal Clusters in Your Home

Feng Shui Crystals Placement

Symbols / October 16, 2021

Feng shui provides many ways to use crystals but all of them has the same single goal – to create good or beneficial energy in the house. You can use it in order to catch the light and attune the energy in your office, your home or even your car. For those who wish to test the crystal’s energy, the easiest way is to place their hands inside the amethyst cave and soon they will feel the immediate pinching effect.

In feng shui, people use these crystals for specific energy or the vibrations they produce. To get the maximum effect from the crystals, you will need to know where to place the crystals, how many to use and what kind of crystal to choose. If placed wrongly, you will either see no effect or would experience some bad luck. A home adorned with crystals is a home that is benefiting from natural and powerful earth energies.

  • Place a clear crystal ball near the entryway of your home, in its Southeast sector (area that controls wealth and luck in a building) for secure good financial fortune. You also can attract good fortune into your shop by placing a crystal near your cash register.
  • In the Northwest sector, put one crystal to promote the most lucrative and productive relationships with business partners and mentors. To optimize the results, you can use 6 crystal balls in accordance with 6 (the number of Northwest). The element of this area is metal and crystals represents earth, earth produces metal in the productive cycle.
  • To enhance love and romance, you can place two crystal balls in the Southwest corner of the bedroom or living room. Two is the number of the Southwest. Normally people place two rose quartz hearts or a full bowl of rose quartz crystals in this area.
  • Maximize the success, wealth and family harmony by placing between 1 – 6 pieces of crystal in the center of the home or the corner diagonal to the entrance. Negative energy can be deflected from entering your home by placing a clear crystal ball in entryway or opposite your main door at eye level.
  • Sharpen learning energy with the placement of a clear crystal in the educational sector or Northeast of a student’s room or on the desk itself.
  • A faceted crystal can be hang from the rear view mirror to clear the flow of energy. A crystal pendant in a window acts to transform hard energy or “sha” coming in from the street into soft energy or “chi” in your car.
  • Combining crystals with all the five elements in a bowl and place it at the Eastern sector of your house will help to create a harmonious and calm effect for the whole family. Water element crystal is blue or black in color, earth crystal is brown or yellow, metal crystal is white in color, wood will be green and fire is red or pink.
  • For those who are having difficulties in their finance, place some crystals with metal coins in a metal bowl. Then place the bowl at the West sector of your home in order to generate some good luck.
  • Cleanse your crystals after you bought them or receive them as a gift. This is to reset the crystal’s vibration to be receptive to the new place and owner. Some people may recommend salt water to cleanse it while others use pure water soaking followed by exposure to the sun. There are also some people who recommend flushing crystals with running water. The most effective way recommended by some feng shui masters is to cleanse them using the chi-refreshing “singing bowl”.

Source: chinesehoroscop-e.com