Bedroom Feng Shui for Lasting Relationships with an Amethyst Crystal

Feng Shui Crystals and Stones

Symbols / September 5, 2017

Since prehistoric times, humans have been attracted to gemstones for their beauty, as well as their powers of attraction, energy, healing and protection. In various cultures throughout time, numerous gemstones have been believed to bring their wearers many powers, such as the power of protection, as well as healing and success.

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The ancient Chinese art of feng shui is also known as "Kan-Yu, " which means “The Law of Heaven and Earth.” Feng Shui is an ancient holistic Chinese approach to living, which involves the practise of arranging space, and the placement of furniture in one’s home or workspace, to achieve harmony and a balance of energy in our environments. At the same time, this balanced energy within our home should achieve a balance with the energy of the natural world. This harmony is created by a flow of energy that is balanced and appropriate for each particular person. The concept of Feng Shui originates from the I Chin, or Book of Changes, which was written 3000 years ago. Feng shui techniques also derive from Chinese Astrology.

Besides for arranging our living and working spaces to create a balanced energy flow, the ancient Chinese also used crystals and gemstones to achieve this healthy flow of energy. This energy was, and is believed to solve problems, attract positivity, and enhance our lives overall. As humans, we are strongly connected to gemstones, as they come from the earth, just like plants and rocks. We feel this connection to all things that come from the earth, as really, we come from the earth as well. We are merely another one of mother nature’s creations.

The idea that crystals and gemstones are healing, and useful in resolving mental and physical problems, derives from the fact that crystals emit energies that affect the flow of energy. As has been believed for many years, disease and sickness may not necessarily be caused only by our physical bodies. What is called our “subtle bodies, ” meaning our energy fields or auras, can become unbalanced, and cause us to become physically sick. These problems are not easily cured as their origins come from something that is not physical. This is where the use of crystals and gemstones comes in. Used in conjunction with traditional medical treatments, the use of crystals and gemstones might just be the key you need to opening the door to a new you.

Many different substances that come from mother nature have healing properties, for example, herbs and aromas. Crystals and gemstones also carry this earthly energy, and they can be used to carry this energy through to one’s body and mind. This can help us become more healthy and balanced. Crystal and gemstone feng shui is a way for you to take full advantge of these gemstone’s magical properties, thereby improving the quality of your life.

You may not realize it, but gems and crystals are around us all the time. Because the stones emit vibrational frequencies, over time, they have been discovered to be quite valuable and effective for many different industrial uses. For example, silicon crystals are used in all the chips that run our computers, as well in many other appliances. They are also used in televisions and radios, and rubies are even used in lasers.

keepsake ring Gemstone and crystal feng shui techniques can be used on their own, using traditional feng shui techniques, or they can be used in combination with the traditional feng shui techniques, to add to this powerful practice.

Gemstone feng shui is a very detailed and particular practice. Placing any gemstone in any room will not suffice. There are many specific details and rules, which must be followed in order for the practice to work and for your life to experience change. These details include different details about each specific stone, for example each stone’s color, or special healing property, as well as which particular room in the house the stone should be placed. A person’s specific birthstone also comes into play. If done correctly, these techniques can help you live a balanced life, as well as make you feel strongly connected to the earth.

There are a few ways that using gemstones are applied to feng shui techniques. You can use them to create a balanced energy and environment in your home. You can also use specific gem colors to change your life and to aid in various types of healing.

It is important to understand that learning about feng shui techniques should be taken seriously. However, you must take this knowledge and apply it to yourself in whatever way you feel necessary. For example, it is a good idea to start small, make small changes in your home or work area, and see how they make you feel. There might be something not completely right, and you will feel this strange energy. In these cases, you can move around the gemstones until everything feels balanced to you. Once you feel ok with your decisions, you can move on to the next room to do the same. As these techniques are all about improving energy around you, and having a balanced life, it is important not just to follow these directions, but to feel them as well, as perhaps they need to be altered a little bit to fit whatever feels right to you. We are all unique people, with unique energy, and different things affect people differently.

Your first step will be to take a step back and examine your living or working area before changing it. Changing around a room does not necessarily mean you have to move around every piece of furniture or totally change the décor. The room might just need one slight adjustment, or a new object, like a crystal hung from the ceiling.

It is important that you practice these techniques in every room in your house. This does not mean you necessarily have to change all your rooms at once, but in the end, energy should be able to flow freely from one room to the other. A problem with the energy in one room might affect the entire house. A room where the energy is blocked can suck the energy away from other rooms.

Every room in your home represents a different kind of energy that has to move around your house in a particular way in order for there to be a healthy amount of balanced energy throughout every room in your house. Let’s take a look at each room in the home.


The entrance of your home is very important, as it is the place where energy first enters your environment. It is important that this energy is able to flow freely into the rest of your home, so there should be no blockages of any sort. This is the place where you will identify and invite the kind of energy you want in your life, and into your home to live with. The energy outside your home has a big affect on the energy that is let into your home through the entrance. For example, if your home is opposite a t-junction roadway, there will be too much fast moving energy coming in. Likewise, if you live in an apartment building, and your apartment is situated at the end of a long hallway where there are many people constantly walking, there will be too much energy there that will enter your home once you open your door. Hanging a crystal near the outside of your door will regulate this abundance of energy and protect your home from it, as our object is not to attract energy, but to provide a balance of energy. The crystal will take this abundance of energy and smooth it out before it goes into your home.

feng-shui-gemstone-jewelry.jpg Placing crystals above doorways can be beneficial in many situations. Another reason you may want to do this is if your home has a long hallway inside of it that comes to a dead end. Energy is likely to get trapped here, and the placement of a crystal can help circulate this energy. If you have a hallway with front and back doors facing each other, energy might just go straight through the doors without having a chance to reach other rooms in the house. A crystal near each door can help slow the energy down and circulate it.


Your dining room is an important room in the house, as this where eating and socializing takes place. It is important for energy to flow freely in this room. Placing crystals and gems on side tables is a great way to add energy. If you have tall cupboards or China cases in your living room, they may protrude from a corner of a wall, and this produces sharp angles of energy, which is not desirable. Suspending a crystal or gemstone from the ceiling around 6 inches in front of these pieces can help move this energy around.


The only time windows can cause a problem with the flow of energy is if you have very large windows or sliding glass doors. These can let in an overwhelming amount of energy. In this case, place a bowl of smooth and round crystals or gemstones on the windowsill, or on a table in front of the windowsill. This will soften this abundant amount of energy.


Your couch is usually the piece of furniture used most often in the home. Because of this, it should have support behind it. If it does not, place a small table behind it to dampen the energy. Also, putting a crystal on the table can help.


Your living room has a specific area in it that attracts prosperity, called the “wealth corner.” This area is determined by its location in relation to the main entrance of your home. Stand in the doorway to your living room and take one step into the room. Turn to the left, look up to the ceiling. This is your wealth corner. Suspending a small crystal from the ceiling over your wealth corner will help activate this energy. Gemstones associated with wealth that should be used, include beryl, chrysoprase, iolite and moonstone.


Your bedroom is a very important place as it is where we sleep, and as we all know, sleep is necessary for good health. It is therefore extremely important for the energy in this room to flow freely. If your bedroom has a bathroom in it, the bathroom door should be kept closed at all times to prevent the energy in your bedroom from escaping. Placing gemstones such as jet or amethyst on a windowsill can calm the energy in the room so it does not drain towards the bathroom. Placing protective gems like coral or tourmaline near your bed can also help create a healthy energy around you when you sleep.


Angled and irregularly shaped rooms can give off a general feeling of imbalance and a lack of energy. Placing a mirror or a crystal or gemstone on the angled wall, or on shelves or tables along the wall, will keep the energy moving in the room.


There are a few different practices used to attract wealth and success in your office or home office. Placing a crystal ball in the Northern direction of your desk will provide you with “clarity of vision.” Another crystal ball placed in the southeast part of your office or desk will increase your ability to attract wealth. In addition, hanging a crystal prism in a window that faces a busy street can disperse that negative, fast moving energy from your room.


Feng shui teaches us that each room in the house, based on its direction, attracts a different kind of energy and can help us with specific areas in our lives:
  • Southwest : relationships
  • West: creativity
  • Northwest : achievements
  • South: fame and success
  • Center: balance
  • North: career
  • Southeast: prosperity
  • East: family
  • r. Hanging a crystal near


Colors also play a role in traditional feng shui. Placing specific gemstones, based upon their color, in specific rooms, can help you solve problems or achieve a goal you are working towards. For example, a red garnet is a stone used for attracting success. So, if your husband preparing for an important meeting, placing a garnet in the south section of the room, or on his desk, will help this successful energy flow into him. Here is a chart of gemstones and their colors, which rooms they should be placed in, and what each stone can attract: Northwest gray moonstone achievement, assisting people, father North black black spinel career, personal journey, foundation Northeast blue lapis lazuli wisdom, knowledge, self-cultivation West white white quartz creativity, projects, children Center yellow citrine balance, harmony East green jade family, ancestors, and community Southwest pink rose quartz relationships, love romance, mother South red garnet fame, success, reputation, respect Southeast purple amethyst prosperity, blessings, self worth, resources


The following is a list of each gemstone, and the qualities each stone can bring into your life:
feng-shui-opportunities-jewelry.png feng-shui-crystal-gemstone-jewelry.jpg