Different Feng Shui Kua Numbers for a Couple

Feng Shui Couple Compatibility

Symbols / September 14, 2022

Chinese Feng Shui Marraige Compatibility Match

Your Feng Shui Type and Lucky Places in the House

2017 Chinese Astrology for Chicken Year
2017 Chinese Zodiacs - Year of Red Chicken

There are two types of people in Chinese Feng Shui World. One is called the Eastern Type . The other is called the Western Type . All Eastern Type people have same lucky places in a house. All Western Type people have same lucky places too. But the lucky places for the Eastern Type and the Western Type people are complete opposite.

For example, the bedroom in the eastern side of the house is a lucky place for bedroom Eastern Type people. The bedroom in the western side of the house is a lucky place for bedroom Western Type people. This is very important for married couples, because husband and wife are supposed to sleep in the same bedroom. We want to choose a bedroom lucky for both of them. Many Feng Shui experts insist that the first thing to avoid divorce is to find the same Feng Shui Type person as the spouse.

If you are looking for your roommate to share a single room, you should look for same Feng Shui Type people. This way, you and your roommate will get along very well.

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