Feng Shui Tips for a Bathroom in the Love Area

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Symbols / June 18, 2022

There are two important over views of this space that you need to consider regarding the location and use of this space. Firstly, the bathroom and toilet are primarily governed by and driven by the element Water. In Feng Shui, Water is associated with wealth, prosperity, career and good cash flow. Secondly, the function of these rooms is associated with elimination and waste. With these two considerations in mind, it is easier to de-mystify the main rules that apply to the layout and location of this space.

Inauspicious locations for the toilet include:-

1. Opposite the kitchen - the element of Fire and Water will clash in this situation. The leap from the preparation of the food (kitchen) to the elimination of food (toilet) is too violent for this to be seen as an auspicious position.

2. Avoid placing a toilet adjacent to the front door - in Feng Shui, we can regard the doorway as the mouth of our home, where career and opportunities enter, whereas the toilet is clearly at the other end of this process and needs to be as far away as possible from the front door.

3. Avoid positioning the toilet directly opposite the front door, even if this is at the end of a passage. This kind of position can lead to wasted opportunities and lost prospects, both career wise and financially.

4. The worst location for the toilet in the family home or even a business is dead centre. It is quite a common feature in family homes where the builder has considerately installed a toilet under the stairs. From a Feng Shui point of view this is considered a disaster regarding your health and financial prospects. The centre of your home (the T'ai Chi) is best left either open or with some focus for your attention and this could even include a water feature. What is not suited in this situation is a space which is associated with waste and loss. Before you give up in desperation, there is a possible remedy. Instead of placing a full length mirror on the outside of the toilet door, thus giving the impression that the toilet does not exist Always keep the toilet door shut and insist that the occupants of the house keep the lid of the toilet down, helping to supress any loss of Chi and luck. A toilet centrally located in the house is a far bigger challenge - in this situation, I would recommend you place a full length mirror on both sides of the door if you cannot persuade yourself to designate this space to storage.

Source: www.fengshui.co.uk