Attract the Energy of Wealth in 8 Steps

Feng Shui Color for Wealth

Colors / June 6, 2018

The feng shui element of the Money Bagua area is Wood, so the cures you will bring have to be either of the Wood element or the element that nourishes it (Water feng shui element nourishes Wood and Earth feng shui element strengthens it).

The life area connected to the Southeast Bagua area of your home (or the upper left area if you are using the BTB Bagua) is called Wealth & Abundance. It is recommended to always express, at least in some of your Money area feng shui cures, the energy of wealth and abundance in all its forms - from material wealth to the wealth of all the numerous blessings in your life.

Here's what is appropriate for the Wealth feng shui Bagua area of your home:

  1. Art with Wood element energy. See examples of good feng shui wood element art) and choose images with an abundant energy of growth.
  2. Art or images of wealth & financial success. Focus on finding art that really speaks to your heart, meaning expresses what wealth means to you. Be mindful about the colors in your chosen art, photos or images as feng shui cures and avoid strong Fire or Metal element colors and shapes in the Wealth/Southeast Bagua area.
  3. Water element art (see examples of good feng shui water element art.) Be sure the water is clear and moving; for example, the image of a waterfall is a better feng shui cure for wealth than the image of a still lake.
  4. Light is always considered a good feng shui cure. You can go for any size in your lighting fixtures when using them as a feng shui cure to strengthen the energy of a specific area. However, be sure that the size, look and overall design of your light fixture work well with the design of your room and fits harmoniously with your surroundings.
  1. Wood and Water feng shui elements objects such as fountains (excellent feng shui cure for Wealth!), decor items in Wood element colors (green and brown) or Water element colors (blue and black.) Be mindful about using the right feng shui element shapes in order to further strengthen the area. Vibrant and lush plants are excellent feng shui cure for Wealth, too.
  1. You can also paint the walls in your Wealth Bagua area in any of the nourishing feng shui element colors. Red or purple colors are sometimes brought to the Wealth area to activate it, but only a very small amount is needed.
  2. Mirrors are excellent for Wealth area, as they bring more light, expand the area and, of course, also bring the presence of the feng shui Water element. For the Southeast Bagua area, it is best to choose a mirror in a square or rectangular shape wooden or golden frame.